Halfway through: How to reduce stress in the summer and when the world ‘goes in butter’

Write plans A, B and C on a written page or computer. Research it and evaluate it. See how it works in life. Many people get anxious when they feel out of control. Seeing what you can control will be a good first step to getting where you want to go.

4. Be sociable! People are “social animals” and summers are a great way to meet more people. And not just because a varied and deep connection with people reduces the risk of heart attacks, strokes, some tumors and depression. Some like to say that for the second part of their lives they are reconnecting with people from the first part. You can meet people in a variety of adventures – going to the shops visited hundreds of times, visiting a museum that does not even address you at first. You don’t have to blow yourself out of your comfort zone with dynamite. Just walk outside. And getting out of this comfort zone into the comfortable surrounding society is more than acceptable.

5. Review what you think is important in your life and what your goals are. Periodically plan to do something you think is important. We are creatures full of ideas – ideas that move us forward. They make more than sense – they can make life happier.

What to do? The world “goes in butter”, so there’s a lot to do here. You may want to work to save old trees or neglected animals. You may want to visit a friend who is sleeping at home sick. You might like to support some political goals that will save the planet rather than destroy it. Or you can just sit still with your friends talking about what you think is important to you and them. Because there are as many ways to fight stress as there are types of stress! And many forms of stress reduction work best when done with others.

Use your imagination to use physical, social and mental ways to reduce stress – it can both educate and captivate and make the world a more attractive place.

PS These methods work well even after the summer.

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