Half-year results: reassuring prospects for Disway

The distributor of computer and telecommunications equipment, Disway, posted, at the end of June, a turnover up by 3.3% compared to the same period of 2019, despite a drop in sales of certain products last March.

Disway, a national operator working in the distribution of computer and telecoms equipment, achieved a consolidated turnover (turnover) of 826 million dirhams at the end of June, i.e. a growth of 3.3% compared to the same period of 2019. A performance driven by teleworking which propelled sales of desktop and laptop PCs, printing and imaging products and other IT equipment. The latter experienced a meteoric increase during the month of March in the face of the need for companies as well as individuals to equip themselves during this period.

Sawtooth numbers
While the group’s results are generally positive, with sales growing compared to the same period last year, Disway displays, however, see-saw figures that vary from period to period. During the second quarter, the group’s turnover fell by 4.1% to MAD 355 million, according to Disway’s financial communication, which underlines that the Volume segment (fixed and portable PCs, products from printing and imaging, etc.) posted a turnover of 285 MHD, a decline of 1.4% compared to 2019. This same segment was the subject of strong demand in March, due in particular to the desire companies and individuals to equip themselves with computer equipment within the framework of teleworking. With the lockdown, demand then fell in April, with the majority of retail signs being closed during that time. As for the Value segment (storage, servers, network, security, etc.), it too saw its turnover drop by 17.9% to MAD 61 million, and due to the absence of calls from offers and the ban on delivery in many sites.

Rather reassuring prospects
Taking advantage of this period of crisis, which has highlighted the need for companies and individuals to equip themselves with computer equipment, Disway is confident and optimistic about investments and prospects despite the particular context. The group also remains optimistic about its resilience to limit the impact on its 2020 accounts, the press release said. Remember that in its financial communication for the first quarter of 2020, Disway underlined that it had succeeded in honoring all of its commitments and preserving all of its jobs. Regarding the investment project on a new logistics platform, announced last May, it is still under study, the group said in its press release.

MARIAMA NDOYE / ECO inspirations

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