Half of the population of the province of León has contracted a death insurance


The province of León is the one with the highest number of funeral insurance in the entire community.

León has more than 227,000 policies of this type contracted by the more than one million insurances of these characteristics in Castilla y León

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Four out of every ten Castilians and Leonese have taken out a death insurance. Last year insurance companies accounted for a total of 1,008,687 insured in the Community, 0.54 percent more than four years ago, according to a report prepared by the Insurance Business Association (Unespa), in the It shows that 46.6 percent of Spaniards have a policy of this type, a percentage that in Castilla y León drops to 40.3 percent.

Death insurance is widely extended in Spain. This insurance protects approximately half of the population, which makes it one of the most widespread types of insurance in the country, along with life insurance and automobile insurance. However, the Unespa report draws attention to the differences that exist between provinces, and while in Ávila the penetration rate of death insurance reaches 77.88 percent and more than 123,000 policies are formalized, in Soria, With 16,917, this index falls to 18.92 percent, the lowest in all of Spain.


After Ávila, which at the national level is only surpassed by Cádiz, where 78.93 percent of the population is insured, is Salamanca, with 56 percent (171,596 policies), León, with 49.76 percent (227,262) and Segovia, with 47.33 percent (72,714). In Valladolid, with a penetration rate of 35.70 percent, 185,572 policies are counted, while Zamora the percentage drops to 33.56 percent (53,466), and in Burgos to 23.37 percent (100,723).

In relation to 2019, the number of policies increased in Segovia, where the increase was 1.17 percent, in Soria (0.47 percent), in Zamora (0.28 percent) and in Valladolid (0, 06 percent), while in the rest of the provinces there were falls. The most important decrease corresponded to Burgos, with 1.09 percent, followed by Ávila (-0.69 percent), Palencia (-0.50 percent), León (0.37 percent) and Salamanca (0 , 15 percent).


Death insurance in Castilla y León. /


Death insurance stands out for being a family product. The same policy usually covers several generations of the same family. This is evident by taking a look at the age brackets of the insured. Half of the people over 50 years old have a death insurance in Spain and, in particularly advanced ages, they are almost 60 percent. But it is that, in addition, a third of adolescents and 40 percent of twentysomethings have this protection. A look at the type of municipality where the death insureds reside shows how this product enjoys greater acceptance in municipalities with between 10,000 and 100,000 inhabitants. That is, in large towns and small cities.

South half

The implementation of funeral insurance is particularly prominent in the southern half and on the Cantabrian coast. The implementation of death insurance is particularly prominent in Extremadura, where 70 percent of the population is covered. They are followed by relevance Asturias (64.6 percent) and Andalusia (60.9 percent).



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