Half-naked couple FALL from a balcony in the middle of a fight: STRONG VIDEO

The terrifying moment when a couple fell from their balconies and sank 7 meters into the pavement after having a fight, was videotaped and has gone viral in the last few hours.

The images show Olga Volkova y Yevgeny Karlagin, both 35 years old, fighting on the floor of the second-floor balcony of their home in St. Petersburg, Russia, Saturday morning.


As the couple argued, they crashed into the balcony railings which suddenly gave way and caused the couple to fall onto the concrete.

Volkova wore underwear with a robe or blanket wrapped around it when they fell off, while the Karlagin he was fully clothed.

The couple was rushed to hospital with “serious” injuries, local media reported.

Both are said to have suffered limb fractures but are not in critical condition.




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