Half Marathon for Teenage Cancer Trust

On October 2021 I will be running a half marathon with Ellie Spencer, for Teenage cancer trust to support my friend Rhianne. Recently she was diagnosed with Ovarian cancer and I wanted to help raise awareness for cancer in young people.  If you can please donate, it is very much appreciated.

Rhianne’s story;

Being diagnosed with Cancer at 22 years old has changed my perspective on life, and I’ve had so much support from different charities along the way, but Teenage Cancer Trust have been a great help with my mental well-being, I can contact them at any time and the support they have given me is unreal

On December 18th I was diagnosed with a germ cell ovarian cancer called Immature Teratoma and Yolk Sac – Grade 3, Stage 1c. I had a surgery to remove the tumor in my right ovary, but when I was in my operation they noticed my tumor was a lot larger than expected, weighing 500g. They had to remove my right ovary along side the tumor, but in this process my ovary ruptured, so I’m now undergoing 5 treatments of escalated EP chemotherapy to regulate my tumour markers.

Thank you
Florence, Rhianne & Ellie


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