Half a thousand people gather against the expansion of Son Sant Joan | Radio Mallorca | Present

Around half a thousand people from the Platform against the Expansion of Palma Airport have protested in front of the Government Delegation to demand the stoppage of the Aena project. According to Cati Torres, a spokeswoman for the group, they criticize the reformulation of the expansion and the lack of democratization in the project. Thus, he regrets that there are works that have already been started and others of which have the tender.

Torres points out that the expansion of airport capacity will exacerbate the climate crisis. In addition, it seems inconsistent to go ahead with this project when both the state government and the Balearic Government have declared a climate emergency. For this reason, it affirms that there will be more actions by the anti-airport based on what both Aena and the institutions do.

The organizers of the concentration have asked attendees to sign to complete the more than 1,700 allegations submitted to the expansion project.

For their part, the protesters complain about the lack of resources in Mallorca, especially water resources, but also about the continuous traffic jams and the use that will be made of public infrastructures and services. A woman says: “Is there not enough evidence that climate change is taking place? It is not normal for a month of February to be this hot.” A young man says that “the more tourists, the more collapse on the roads and the more problems on the island.” Another protester highlights: “It may not affect us. It may benefit us in the short term, but in the long term the island will be destroyed.”

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