Hala Sidky expresses appreciation for audience love in “Jaafar Al-Omda” during Ramadan drama season

Mohammed Shaban

Posted on: Saturday, June 3, 2023 – 4:20 am | Last updated: Saturday 3 June 2023 – 4:20 AM

Actress Hala Sidky expressed her great appreciation for the feelings of love and the audience’s interaction with the role of “Safsaf” in the series “Jafar Al-Omda” during the Ramadan drama season, explaining this interaction that there is a feeling among the audience that the old generation of artists has been subjected to injustice.

She said during an interview with the “TeN Nights” program on the “TeN” screen, which was shown on Friday evening, that the old generation did not get the attention it deserved, considering that the last period witnessed the imposition of artists on the audience that were not to its liking, stressing that her success with Jaafar Al-Omda; It is a success for all her generation of old artists.

And she denounced what she considered the negligence and failure of those in charge of the drama industry to use the old generation of artists, asking: “Why don’t you take advantage of us? Why is the role of the mother, father and grandmother marginalized? Although they are the basis and origin of all stories ».

And she thanked the audience for their feelings of support, love and fairness, after her role in Jaafar Al-Omda, saying: “I thanked them from my heart, they rejoiced for me from their heart, they supported and encouraged me from the first day, and they gave me increased confidence in my talent.”

She expressed her happiness at working with director Mohamed Sami, stressing that her participation in the work was like a deferred wish, saying: “I find no words to thank him other than his determination on me, despite the pressures he was subjected to to choose names and second alternatives; I thank him that he put all the directors in a small category, and said to them: You had a talent that you did not exploit; I knew how to use it.”

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She praised her participation with the artist, Mohamed Ramadan, saying: “My eldest son, I love him from my heart; Because he is a good person who rejoices at the success of others, and I learned from him, and it is not a shame for a person to learn from someone younger than him.

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