Hala Sedky reveals to Al Arabiya.net: I will make a comeback this Ramadan with three different roles.

Actress Hala Sedky


The star expressed her happiness at returning to work with Khaled Youssef next Ramadan

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During the upcoming Ramadan season, she competes with herself with 3 different personalities, and she surprises her audience from now on with the pictures that spread to her on social media, as she seeks to present herself in a new way every time, which makes her search for the distinguished paper that brings out the best in her sleeve. Actress Hala Sedky, who was recently honored by the Luxor African Film Festival.

In her interview with Al-Arabiya.net, Al-Najma expressed her happiness with this honor among the kind people of Luxor, expressing her happiness at returning to work with Khaled Youssef next Ramadan.

Hala Sidqi

Tell us about your honor at the Luxor African Film Festival?

** I was happy to be honored at the 12th session of the Luxor Festival of African Cinema, and this honor is dear to my heart because it is in my country, and in the most important spot on the face of the earth. The good people of Luxor whom I love.

* Did you reveal, during your honoring in Luxor, that you missed director Atef El-Tayeb?

** Indeed, I miss him very much, as I started with him in “Heart of the Night” and he presented me differently from the sweet girl, and he was the only one who discovered me in the cinema differently from all the directors, and if he was between us until now, my situation in the cinema would have been completely different, as I learned from him vocabulary The embodiment of the character, which happened in the movie “Escape”.

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* Do you return to work with director Khaled Youssef this year?

** I was keen to participate in the starring of Khaled’s new series, “Serrah Al-Batea”, which is based on the novel “Serrah Bati’” by the writer Youssef Idris, with dramatic treatment, scenario, dialogue and directing by Khaled Youssef. More than 60 actors and actresses from different generations will participate in the action championship. I am also happy with the return of director Khaled Youssef to the artistic community with this work, and I see that with his art he is able to serve the country, and the quality of directors like him has disappeared.

* What drew you to work?

** The genre of the series is different, and we missed this quality for years, and the work is a Saidian epic that tells the heroics of the Egyptians, which is what our youth and children need because they do not know much about the suffering that the Egyptian people have experienced throughout the ages. The series is new of its kind on the Egyptian screen, and the work team is at the highest level. .

Hala Sidqi

* And from “Sorah Al-Bati’” to “Jaafar Al-Omda” .. What attracted you to participate in it as well?

** The work represents my return to popular drama after the absence of many years since I presented the “Arabesque” series, and for me this return is very important because the popular color represents a large category, and the audience loves to watch this atmosphere, and I was hoping to cooperate with the director Muhammad Sami because he loves all the actors who work With him, he presents them in front of the screen in a wonderful and different way, and he can extract creative energy from them and employ it correctly.

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Hala Sidqi

* What is your role in “Jaafar Al-Omda”?

** I appeared during the events as a rural woman, which is a completely different role from what I previously presented, and I am happy to work with Muhammad Ramadan, as he is a beautiful, successful and self-confident young man who has a large audience.

* Is there another series that you participate in during Ramadan?

** I participate as a guest of honor in the series “Rasheed”, and the stars of the work are Muhammad Tyson, Reham Abdel Ghafour, Khaled Kamal and Tamer Nabil, and it is directed by Mai Mamdouh.

What do you think of the business idea presented on digital platforms?

** The platforms are convenient for all people, and as a viewer, I cannot follow the series during Ramadan due to the lack of time, and therefore I resort to the platforms, and I follow what people say about the sweet series, and I watch them after Ramadan.

* There is a big boom in the theater.. Where are you from?

** I am in love with theatre, and I wish to present a serious theatrical work, but unfortunately what is currently being presented is just sketches, and there must be an organization for theatrical groups that perform and travel with them because they are groups bearing the name of Egypt, and the idea of ​​​​presenting a play within 3 days even if the financial consideration is attractive Controversial, there is a case of diarrhea and laxity that takes away from the balance of Egyptian art.

* Is there news about presenting a new part of the movie “Ya Donia Ya Grammy”?

** We have been saying this for a long time, but it seems that the heirs will present it, as the new generation of young people do not know the film, and in fact I very much wish to present it.

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