Hakodate Sprint Stakes 2023 Predictions and Epsom Cup Forecast


■ Toshin Macau

[Intermediate adjustment]First graded V at the Keihan Cup last fall. After finishing 4th in the Silk Road Stakes, which was a large outer frame and a heavy weight of 58.5 kg, he was expected to make a breakthrough in his previous run, Takamatsunomiya Kinen, but ended up finishing 15th. However, as a stallion, it is unsuitable for a bad track that requires power because of its small stature. It can be said that he was a crushing defeat with room for extenuating circumstances. After that, in anticipation of a comeback, he decided to start over from the Hakodate Sprint S.

◆[Hakodate Sprint Stakes 2023 Forecast / Data Strategy]Destructive power of single recovery value “803” Western Shiba × Pedigree background that “awakens” in short distance

After grazing, I returned to Miura in mid-May and relaxed at Sakaji 15-15, which was the first clock on the 14th. On the slope on the 18th, the last 2F was able to accelerate to 12 seconds 6-12 seconds 2 (horse), and it seems that the start-up is quite smooth. The one-week-old chasing at Miho was ambitious, chasing the opponent who let him go eight horse lengths ahead of him in the woods. He caught with ease and finished by one length. The overall clock on the 5th floor is 64 seconds 9 (strong), renewing the personal best.

[Final chase]Katshun Samejima jockey, Hakodate turf horse. He pushed the 3-year-old, who had not won a big step forward, with a corner work, and as a result, he easily pushed through in the middle of the straight line, and as a result, he was the first to arrive by 6 horse lengths.

[Observation]The week before in Miho was a masterpiece, but the attack at the site was also dynamic. It is only natural that he will be the first one to fight a lower-ranked horse, but Saddler has followed him closely so that he does not fluff up even if he is the only one. It can be said that it is an outstanding deki because it is able to accelerate without making a wet riding ground.

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Comprehensive evaluation “S”

◆[Hakodate Sprint Stakes 2023 Forecast / Anuma Analyze Vol.1]Assumed “10 popular” assassins “hidden abilities are endless”

▼Hakodate Sprint Stakes 2023 Prediction Catch-up Diagnosis

◆[Catch-up diagnosis]High evaluation around the expected “8 popularity” “You can see the good physical condition and the strengthening of the trunk”

◆[Catch-up Diagnosis]A dry evaluation of a popular 4-year-old mare “I feel ‘uncomfortable’ throughout the adjustment process”

◆[Catch-up diagnosis]High evaluation “A” approaching Toshin Macau “Finishing process going smoothly as expected”

Hakodate Sprint Stakes 2023 Expected Column List

▼Jockey data

◆[Jockey data]Axis candidates boasting an amazing top-to-bottom rate of over 80%.

▼ Data strategy

◆[Data capture]Even after losing the previous race, the aptitude of “4.0.

◆[Data capture]The destructive power of the single recovery value “803” Western Shiba × A pedigree background that “awakens” at a short distance

▼Anuma Predictions

◆[Anuma Analyze Vol.1]Assumed “10 popular” assassins “hidden abilities are endless”

◆[Anuma Analyze Vol.2]The charm of the previous day’s “double-digit” odds

▼ Pedigree trend

[Pedigree trend]Expected odds of “double digits” that continue to run well The amazing “” cannot be ignored

◆[Pedigree trend]Appointed around 8 popular players due to the change of stage they are good at.

▼Data trends for the past 10 years

◆[Previous race]Keio Cup SC group with 2 wins is absent

Epsom Cup 2023 Prediction Column List

▼ Data strategy

◆[Data capture]“Future GI horse” proved by rap “100%” condition that has charm in single wins

◆[Data capture]Blind spots around the assumed “10 popularity” “3.0.

◆[WIN5 Forecast]The main breakthrough is “Justin Cafe” Hakodate SS is expected to be “double digits” and aim for high dividends

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▼Anuma Predictions

◆[Anuma Analyze]Blind spots around win “8 popularity” “The conditions for a big run are complete again”

◆[Dangerous popular horse]A rising horse aiming for a winning streak is “erased” “Pedigree element with a little anxiety”

▼Data trends for the past 10 years

◆[Frame order]Justin Cafe has 8 slots, the same as last year.

◆[Front run Rote]Winning rate against Air Fundita “0%” Be wary of “lowering upwards” from a crushing defeat

◆[Tendency of leg quality]”Fastest rise” is more than 40%, Justin Cafe’s revenge depends on the position of the four corners

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