Haiti, still lacking a two-headed executive: André Michel blames Haitian actors, not the international

Port-au-Prince, Sunday, September 12, 2021 ((rezonodwes.com)) – The inability of Haitian actors to obtain a political consensus around the choice of a personality to occupy the National Palace, mortgaged the process for the advent of a two-headed executive to lead the interim period, reported André Michel, spokesperson for the Democratic and Popular Sector (SDP).

In this exercise of taking up the cause of the international community, the spokesperson for the Democratic and Popular Sector (SDP), reprimands Haitian political actors unable, according to him, to transcend their differences. The choice of a personality, through a political consensus, to manage the political transition, failed because of disagreements and quarrels of the chapel, he draws up.

“No one should question the international, nor hold the white accountable for the failure of negotiations. Each Haitian protagonist had a choice to defend in the talks. We have to accept that we cannot stop at a single profile, ”he suggested.

In the meantime, the lawyer, who now aligns himself with de facto Prime Minister Ariel Henry, concedes that the country is in a phase of no return.
“In exceptional circumstances, exceptional measure”, insisted the lawyer. The Prime Minister will have to convene the people in his comitia for the holding of the general elections.

Regarding the interim period, André Michel approves “the political agreement for a peaceful and effective governance of the interim period”, an option to facilitate the return to the restoration of democratic institutions, he argued while pleading for the satisfaction of the demands of the population including that of the massacres trials in working-class neighborhoods, not to mention the Petro Caribe trial.

André Michel, in a firm tone, calls for the release of political prisoners unfairly imprisoned, according to him, “for their conviction”, under the Jovenel Moise-Lapin / Jouthe / Claude Joseph administrations.

On Saturday, at the official residence of the Prime Minister, during the signing ceremony of the agreement, political leaders of the opposition renewed their commitment to continue the dialogue, despite certain political differences.

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