Hair salon Romy big winner at Golden Calves, Buladó best film | NOW

Hair salon Romy has become the big winner in the Golden Calves with four elections. The prize for the best film went to Bulado. The most important Dutch film prizes were awarded on Friday evening in the Utrechtse Stadsschouwburg.

Hair salon Romy won the Golden Calves for best actress (Beppie Melissen), best screenplay (Tamara Bos), best supporting actress (Noortje Herlaar) and best director (Mischa Kamp).

Hair salon Romy is about a girl who has to spend time in her grandmother’s boring hair salon after school. However, Romy notices that Grandma Stine is getting forgetful, and decides to help keep the hair salon running. The film already claimed various prizes at international film festivals in 2019.

Melissen, voted the best female actor, is in Hair salon Romy can be seen as the demented grandmother of the young protagonist. Melissen previously won a Golden Calf for her role as Greet Hogenbrink in Gooische Women.

The winning director Kamp has already had a chance to win a Golden Calf twice before, with her television dramas The trap in Guys. The latter was awarded the Prize of Dutch Film Criticism in 2014. The director is also known for international successes such as The horse of Sinterklaas, Tony 10 in Sing Song.

Director Eché Janga on the set of Buladó, which won the Golden Calf for best film. (Photo: Gusto Entertainment)

Buladó was enthusiastically received by the film press

Surprisingly, the award for best film went to Bulado by director Eché Janga. The magic-realistic film is about an eleven-year-old girl in Curaçao, who never knew her mother.

Where her father Ouira (Everon Jackson Hooi) hides his scars by staying hard and rational, Grandpa Weljo (Felix de Rooy) believes he can make a door into the world of his ancestors. The Papiamento spoken drama was recently received enthusiastically by the Dutch film press, but did not compete in any other category in the Golden Calves.

Shahine El-Hamus received the Golden Calf for best male actor for his role in the book adaptation The Pisa promise. He plays a young trumpet player who promises to be the first of his family to graduate. When his brother ends up in prison, he has to make it without support. El-Hamus has never been nominated for a Calf before.

Halina Reijn first received a prize at the Netherlands Film Festival in Utrecht. (Photo: BrunoPress)

Halina Reijn wins first Golden Calf

Halina Reijn won her first Golden Calf in her career. The 44-year-old from Amsterdam, who already won a special jury prize with Fedja van Huêt in 2007 for The prince and the girl, received a statuette for her lead role in the television series Red Light. The series also received the Golden Calf for best television drama.

For the first time in the history of the Netherlands Film Festival (NFF), a Golden Calf was awarded for the best costume design at the elections in Utrecht. That went to Alette Kraan (My life).

The Golden Calves are invariably awarded on the closing night of the Netherlands Film Festival. Unlike previous editions, this year’s event took place largely online. Visitors could enter a virtual living room, which included a wide range of films.


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