Hair Loss Problem Triggered by Many Factors

Jakarta, – Dandruff and hair loss are still the most common problems faced by people due to mistreatment. Many factors trigger hair problems during a pandemic.

Director of PT Kei Distribution Indonesia, Nuraida Choirunnisa, said the problem of hair loss can be due to an unhealthy diet while at home, consuming too much spicy or oily food, lack of water intake, irregular sleep patterns, staying up too much.

“Not only that. Hair problems can also be caused by stress levels that increase many times while staying at home. To overcome this, it is necessary to maintain a healthy lifestyle, adequate water intake, and sleep patterns. enough, as well as choosing the right hair care products, “said Nuraida Choirunnisa.

Nuraida admits that there are so many products offered to treat hair loss. One of them was Follicusan who issued Kei Distribution.

According to Nuraida, Follicusan can stimulate the function of dermal papilla cells at the base of the hair follicle, thus preventing premature hair loss.

“In addition, it can also maximize cell function in the scalp and hair follicles,” said Nuraida.

It is hoped that with a healthy lifestyle and maximum hair care, the problem of damage, loss and problems that often occur is expected to increase one’s confidence in carrying out activities.



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