Hail in Bekasi, BMKG Reminds Residents to Be Alert

BEKASI, KOMPAS.com – Hail and strong winds hit several areas of Bekasi, West Java, Wednesday (4/14/2021) afternoon.

Hail occurred in Jatiasih, Pondok Gede, Pondok Melati, and Jakasampurna, Bekasi areas.

Head of Early Warning Sub -Division BMKG, Agie Wandala asked the public to be vigilant in weather changes, especially the phenomenon of hail.

“The public should be aware of rapid weather changes. If this happens, take cover. Because the size of the large hail can also disrupt community activities,” said Agie when confirmed, Wednesday.

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Agie said that the development of the rain clouds this Wednesday afternoon was happening rapidly from 14.00 to 15.00 WIB.

The rain that occurred in Bekasi was accompanied by ice as well as strong winds.

“Hail usually occurs when the mass of the season changes like this,” said Agie.

Agie said that the hail phenomenon is a condition of the existence of connectivity which can cause the growth of cumulonimbus clouds.

“Cumulonimbus clouds that have strong updraft and downdraft air masses are usually accompanied by freezing in the lower layers, often resulting in hail,” said Agie.


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