Haifa Wehbe’s daughter sings to her mother for the first time .. and her followers: I wish you reconciled .. Video

Zainab Fayyad, the daughter of the Lebanese star Haifa Wehbe, appeared in a new video of her on her Instagram account, singing the song “Tota Tota” for her mother for the first time after a lot of controversy through her account on the “Instagram” site, hanging the paragraph that you all like, the paragraph of Me and Daniela, Daniela’s case is what Tuta says all day long, “which raised questions from her followers about the approaching reconciliation between them, and most of the comments came as follows:” I wish you reconcile the dispute for years in the end, the guidance of your mother. “And another commentator said:” We want to see you and your mother with his image alone. ” : “Oh God, with people together for a day when there is no doubt, get together Zainab and her mother.”

Daughter of Haifa Wehbe

It is noteworthy that Zainab Fayyad is the daughter of Haifa Wehbe, from her first husband Nasr Fayyad, whom she married at a young age, and gave birth to their daughter, then decided to enter the world of art, and agreed to give up her daughter in order to obtain a divorce.

Zainab Fayyad recently appeared with her daughter, Daniela, dancing and singing to the tones of Hussein Al Jasmi’s song, “Bold Font”, which achieved great public success, while the pioneers of social media platforms likened her voice to being very close to the voice of her mother, Haifa..

On the other hand, Lebanese star Haifa Wehbe cooperates on her new album in a song written by Hany Rajab, composed by Madih Mohsen, and distributed by Amin Nabil, which is a Western style song far from the divisive and drama, and its progression in the Egyptian dialect, and it is scheduled to be released during the coming period, as confirmed by Hany Ragab, the song’s poet, in statements To “The Seventh Day”, and did not reveal the details of her name, considering it a surprise to everyone.


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