Hagia Sophia: Heaps of reactions for… washing with rose water at the monument for Ramadan

The “cleaning” work at the iconic monument of Hagia Sophia in Turkey has caused a storm of reactions.

After the desecrations that took place in the past, it is now the turn of the “cleansing” of the monument against the backdrop of Ramadan. The actions of the Turks have caused reactions in our country as well as in international organizations, as well as in the Turkish society, since the Turkish media embellishes the cleaning work that took place inside the monument.

The inner temples of the monument, which now functions as a mosque, were cleaned and disinfected in a way that certainly does not befit the history of the building.

As reported by the Turkish media, the cleaning was done with… rose water.

Watch the video:

Deputy Director of Environmental Protection and Control of Fatih Municipality, Recep Gildiz, said that the carpets in Hagia Sophia were cleaned and swept in work carried out by a team of 20 people before Ramadan.

“We also clean the courtyard, the Hagia Sophia square and the fountains with hot water. Our aim is to ensure that citizens will visit a healthier environment”, emphasized Gildiz.

Newsbomb.gr was recently in Hagia Sophia and presents to you what the once emblematic church for the entire Orthodoxy looks like today:

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