Haftbefehl announces new album MAINPARK BABY

Resigned on Sunday (November 27). arrest warrant announced her new album MAINPARK BABY for December 2nd and released the first song along with a short film. Last brought THE BLACK ALBUM (2021) and THE WHITE ALBUM (2020) out. His new work should reach the thematic center of the two albums. The rapper canceled the two albums’ Black and White tour in August and himself with the words “My body needs a break […] I don’t know yet how long he will go” to take a break.

Already the title connects Haftsperre to his previous discography, because MAINPARK BABY was already mentioned in the track “1999 Pt.5 (Mainpark Baby)”. He has already started the “1999” series on RUSSIAN ROULETTE (2014), his fourth studio album. Now his seventh studio album is titled MAINPARK BABY and the rapper says: “The white album and the black one had a common thread, they belonged inextricably together. White represented light, day, party, black darkness and then the abyss. With MAINPARK BABY I wanted to explore the middle ground between these two extremes”.

The album is named after the Mainpark skyscraper in Offenbach, where the rapper grew up. “I grew up there. Actually, I had a great youth, but a lot of things happened that shouldn’t have happened from today’s point of view. But I still go there often and have many friends there,” says the rapper.

“The brown bag” is the first song released from the album and in the music video only the first part is heard until the rap stops and the short film begins. A family is shown, the mother wakes up two children and tells them to hide and stay there. She closes a door and we see how the two parents frantically search for a bag. The father asks: “Have you packed your bags?” and the mother replies: “First the children, then the things!” while explosions are still heard in the background. Then a cut to the children and the parents’ voices in the background. “What do you think of anything,” the mother asks, to which the father replies, “All our memories are in there.” We have our kids,” she replies and the chorus of the song rolls on. Chehad Abdallah is directing the short films and a total of five parts will be released. Arrest Warrant shared the story of him on Instagram: “One life – one destiny. A series of short films from Offenbach am Main” and the individual episode titles “Flight, Innocence, Life, Pain, Death”.

Even the track list is already known, given that the album is already viewable on Apple Music. So there will be 13 songs with features from Paula Hartmann, Kool Savas, Azad, Soufian, OG Keemo, Ufo361, Kalim and Nimo. Album producer Bazzazian produced all but two songs. The album cover shows the rapper with his son in his arms.

Most recently, Haftbefehl launched their #Babopizza, which we tested. The two pizzas, made in collaboration with Gangstarella, are available in selected supermarkets from 3 November.

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