Hadia Tajik, Bok | Hadia Tajik’s book is printed in Lithuania: – Unheard of and horrible

A local printing company in Stavanger reacts to Tajik’s new book being printed abroad. Groundless and serious accusations, the Labor deputy leader answers.

– When even the deputy leader of the Labor Party does not care about Norwegian industry and the competition we face from low-cost countries, yes, then it looks undeniably dark. In our view, what Tajik is doing now is completely unheard of, says Trond Aril Espedal at Kai Hansen Trykkeri in Stavanger, one of the country’s largest printing companies, to Stavanger Aftenblad.

This is a horrible form of Swedish trade, he believes.

Tajik’s new book is published by the Norwegian publisher Tiden Norsk Forlag, but printing and binding takes place in Lithuania, and is carried out by the printing company ScandBook UAB.

Espedal believes it is to strike a chord with Norwegian industry.

According to Stavanger Aftenblad, Tajik devotes space to discussing working conditions in the book.

She also interviews a man who came to Norway from Lithuania. He says that in his home country, the union is seen as something that is looking for the money of workers.

In an email to SA, Tajik writes that the accusations she is subjected to are baseless and serious:

– I have chosen Tiden Norsk Forlag for two reasons: Because Mattis Øybø was the editor of my first book, in 2001, and I could therefore trust that he could provide the resistance my text needed. And because Tiden is an old workers’ publishing house, founded by the Labor Party in 1933, and with long traditions for publishing political books with roots in social democracy, Tajik writes to the newspaper.

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Publishing manager Kjetil Strømme Jørve tells SA that since 2008 there have been no Norwegian printing companies that can produce black and white novels or non-fiction in larger editions in rotary printing.

«Using printing plants abroad is therefore common practice for all Norwegian publishers. Time prints all our books at the owner publishing house Gyldendal’s partners. This is not something we choose from book to book, or something Hadia Tajik has had the opportunity to influence “, Jørve answers.

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Espedal says that this is not true:

– Our production equipment embraces everything, and we could of course have printed Tajik’s book without any problems. I can send the publisher examples of that. If much of this type of production returns to Norway again, it will also provide greater variety, capacity and better prices, he says, and adds that the social and environmental aspects of this matter stink.

Espedal also tells SA that he left the Labor Party last year.

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