Hades coming to Game Pass in 2021

If you were aware of the 2020 Game Awards, you will surely be interested to know that according to a Hades rumor would hit Game Pass in 2021. Hades was one of the games nominated for best game of the year, and it took home two awards. Hades was the winner of the award for the best indie game and the best action game of the year 2020. So if this rumor comes true, we would be talking about the arrival of an important title not only to Xbox but directly to Game Pass so that subscribers of the service can enjoy it.

For the moment, Hades is only available for Switch and PC via the Epic Store and Steam. Those in charge of bringing this gem to life were the developers at Supergiant Games, an independent studio located in San Francisco, California, which may have been known from previous games such as Bastion or Transistor. But it would be about to change if the rumor that Hades would arrive at Game Pass in 2021 becomes real.

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Hades coming to Game Pass in 2021

The reason why a game like Hades did not appear on any other console apart from the Nintendo hybrid, was possibly a strategic decision of the use of resources. Supergiant Games invested a good amount of money in the development of their game, so it is likely that they did not have the resources both in money and in development time to release an optimal version of their game on all platforms. This is something that usually happens with indie games.

A good example is Cuphead, which without being a game owned by Xbox was associated with the brand by Microsoft for its publication. Hades will have chosen Switch as his launch pad because he found it more convenient for his game to stand out. But it is precisely for all this that it is quite likely that this rumor is true. He rumor that Hades would come to Game Pass in 2021 (and not just Xbox) comes from The XboxEra Podcast. One of its presenters claims to have received privileged information.

We will be waiting for this information to be officially confirmed. In the meantime, you have to take this information very carefully.

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