Had a chance to make a fuss, Putra Interested in Atamanagara Explains the Issue of Changing Religions

Jakarta, Insertlive

The marriage of Catra Felder son of Minati Atmanagara to a presenter a beautiful woman named Stephani Defirstta still invites the curiosity of the public.

Because the marriage held in a Catholic church, even though Minati Atmanegara is known to be a Muslim.

Because of the many questions that disturbing the newlywed couple, they then gave clarification.

“Here I am with my husband, I want to answer questions from netizens, because so many people question what my husband’s religion is,” said Stephani in a video uploaded on TikTok.

Thank you his prayer. Many questions about my beliefs. This is actually a matter of privacy, no one needs to know. Just because of the era of social media, happiness must beshare and I happened to be married in the church,” continued Catra.

How does Catra talk about his religion? Read the next page.

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