Hackers steal and manipulate vaccine documentation

Information about the vaccine has been stolen! In addition to combating a pandemic by COVID-19, the world has to “fight” against hackers for whom anything goes.

Recently, the European Medicines Agency, the regulatory body of the European Union (EU), reported that the documents on the vaccine against the new coronavirus stolen and placed on the Internet by ‘hackers’ were also “manipulated”.

Documentation was manipulated to undermine confidence in the vaccine

It was in November that hackers gained access to documents and emails regarding the evaluation of experimental vaccines. All documentation contained confidential information regarding the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to the European Medicines Agency ...

Part of the correspondence was manipulated by the perpetrators [do roubo] in a way that could undermine confidence in vaccines. We saw that part of the correspondence was not published in its entirety and in its original form or with comments and additions by the perpetrators

Hackers steal and manipulate vaccine documentation

According to Lusa, the Italian cybersecurity company Yarix revealed that it had found 33 MB of information accessed by hackers in an underground forum, with a title criticizing the effect of vaccines and one of its manufacturers, Pfizer, before moving on. spread to other Internet pages, namely the 'dark web'.

For Yarix, the intention behind the leak is "to cause significant damage to the reputation and credibility of the European drug regulator and Pfizer".

The European Medicines Agency did not disclose the information that was changed, but cyber security authorities believe that the actions taken by the hackers are part of the disinformation campaigns launched by governments.

Cybersecurity consultant Lukasz Olejnik said that "While it is not clear who may be behind the operation, it is clear that resources have been allocated to it," he said.

The organization also said that the police are already taking the “necessary steps” to respond to the leak, and a criminal investigation is underway.

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