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I am against hacking consoles for playing games illegally, fortunately these days there is no real emphasis on that. For example, it would be great if I could stream games from my PC to my Switch Lite, certainly because the Nintendo Store is scanty in the genres that I really like, the control and format is very nice, and various games from 1-6. 3 years after release still € 40 + costs (!).

Also streaming movies and music without being stuck with standard apps, seems a fantastic addition to me.

Now I understand that you have to pay for this, which I would rather not do, but I will probably do that if you also support the developers. Would definitely have money for an official telephone or console with a payment that I can use how I want and there is little guarantee for example.

Think that not everyone understands my words. I would like to stream games like FH4 that are not playable on the Switch. The same would apply, for example, to FIFA 20 which is not stripped on the PC, but costs 40/50 euros on the Switch.

I have bought all my games legally or if they are on sale. As I indicated, they are almost never in the Nintendo shop. On the PC, prices fall faster and you get more content for less. I will still buy Switch games, as I already have.

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