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Nextren.com – Digital crime is increasingly prevalent and targets various sectors, from government to consumers.

Recent reports suggest that there is a group hacker admitted to breaking the security system PS5 (PlayStation).

The news was also shared directly by the group hacker named fail0verflow via a tease on a Twitter account with a similar name.

Hacker it said that the party had succeeded in taking all root key which is in PS5.

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“We got all root key PS5 (symmetrical), “he wrote in a joke uploaded on Monday (8/11).

“Everything can be obtained from the software – including the per-console root key, if you look hard enough,” he continued.

In the post, a photo of a row of numbers is also shown which is suspected to be root key PS5 which was successfully obtained by fail0verflow.

If true, then it is possible for the hacker group to be able to access and take advantage of it root key it is to enter firmware of PS5.

Firmware itself is software which can be used to control hardware and its core functions.

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That way it can be interpreted that all PS5 devices will later be controlled by these hackers.

Still Missing One Important Key

Despite claiming to have succeeded in taking root key PS5, but fail0verflow still seems to lack one important key to actually break into the PS5 security system.

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Reporting from ArsTechnica, Sunday (14/11), the hacker group is allegedly trying to get another key that is stored in this way.

It says that key is the essential thing fail0verflow needs for validation process software illegal to embed into the PS5 security system.

Ever Hacked a PlayStation System

Hacking claims by hacker group fail0verflow against PlayStation’s security system this time is not the first time.

The group had admitted to something similar in 2018, claiming that it had succeeded in obtaining private key The PS3 used to take advantage of Sony.

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In addition, there was also news that the PS4 security system had also been breached by fail0verflow.

So has the PS5 security system really been hacked by the fail0verflow hacker group?

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So far there has been no official confirmation from the party PlayStation related to claims made by hacker the.

Therefore, it is better for consumers to wait until the company provides comments regarding the alleged hacking security system PS5.


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