Hacker against Hildmann: “We are the monster under your bed”

Germany Hacker against Hildmann

“We are the monster under your bed”

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Has been targeted by hackers: Attila Hildmann, here at a rally on June 20 in Berlin– – –

Has been targeted by hackers: Attila Hildmann, here at a rally on June 20 in Berlin

Source: AFP

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His car has been tracked, his online account hacked, business details made public, and there may also be a threat of violence – the hacking collective Anonymous Germany has declared war on Attila Hildmann.

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DHe investigated state security on the basis of his statements, his products were listed in countless organic markets and health food stores, his drink and nutmeg soon had no bottler or producer – vegan cook Attila Hildmann was already paying dearly for his political commitment, which his critics regarded as a pure mess is seen by conspiracy theories.

For some time now, the Berliner has gained another, fairly efficient enemy. The hacking collective Anonymous Germany has declared war on him. A video message that was shared on Twitter on Friday said that Hildmann should expect Anonymous – the skills of individuals in the movement would be used mercilessly.

The internet activists hacked the website of the bestselling author (“Fit for Fun”) some time ago and then made fun of the lax IT security precautions there. Then they merged undercover into his telegram group (65,000 followers), let themselves be made administrators and temporarily excluded thousands of members. A policy of pinpricks, which evidently cost the 39-year-old Hildmann nerves, especially since his privacy was also compromised. Anonymous currently pretended to know the respective location of Hildmanns Porsche (the car was apparently tracked electronically), published details about its business accounts and creditworthiness and “contacted” Hildmann’s remaining business partners according to their own statements.

The controversy then reached its climax on Friday when Anonymous Germany formulated an open declaration of war on the vaccination critic in a video published on Twitter.

“We don’t forgive. We do not forget”

In the clip (labeled with the hashtag “Operation Tinfoil”, that is, Operation Alufolie – an allusion to the ridicule term of the aluminum hat wearer), new actions against the Berliner are announced and a wordy and nebulous threat is formulated: “You declared war on Anonymous and have to live with the echo. We don’t withdraw, we stay. We are the monster under your bed, the knock on your window, the grimace in the dark. We don’t forgive. We do not forget. Expect us, ”says an electronically distorted voice.

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The engagement against Hildmann is justified by the fact that he feeds his “supposed supporters” with “lies, agitation and false news”. Hildmann is “hateful”, possibly even “disturbed” and does not use his internet accounts (which have been deleted several times or temporarily) for political agitation, but also to advertise his products and “to get even more money from gullible people press”.

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Coronavirus-Demonstration-vor-dem-Bundestag-3.jpg" data-srcset="https://www.welt.de/img/kultur/mobile208035777/0522500467-ci102l-w120/Coronavirus-Demonstration-vor-dem-Bundestag-3.jpg 1.0x" media="(min-width: 600px)">Coronavirus-Demonstration-vor-dem-Bundestag-3.jpg" data-srcset="https://www.welt.de/img/kultur/mobile208035777/0522500467-ci102l-w160/Coronavirus-Demonstration-vor-dem-Bundestag-3.jpg 1.0x">The vegan chef Attila Hildmann at a demonstration in front of the Reichstag building– – – – –

It is said literally in the video message: “Attila, for some time now we have been observing your fascist appearance, your crude worldview and your disgusting rhetoric. Anyone who poses with arms and calls for the overthrow of democracy is not someone who wants to make a difference or is fighting for his fatherland, but a danger to the Federal Republic of Germany. “

Connections to the Antifa scene?

Hildmann himself discussed the actions of Anonymous Germany several times on his Twitter account. He pointed out that, in his opinion, the German section had little or no connection with the internationally active, capitalism-critical collective Anonymous (distinctive mark: the white Guy Fawkes mask, on Twitter alone, 7.5 million followers) had to do, but in his view was more likely to be attributed to the German Antifa scene.

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He does not fear the fight with his opponents, Hildmann continues, but he does worry about his dog – and possibly poisoned baits. Anonymous immediately denies this. There have never been any threats against the husky that Hildmann only wants to arouse pity, it says on Twitter. The meanwhile offered a reward of 1000 euros for informants who would provide him with information about the collective, its activists and their plans.


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