Habib Rizieq Shihab’s lineage


The arrival of the FPI High Priest Habib Rizieq Shihab was greeted by his supporters at Soekarno-Hatta Airport, Cengkareng. Habib Rizieq returned to his homeland after approximately 3 years in Saudi Arabia.

Habib Rizieq Shihab is the founder of the Islamic Defenders Front (FPI) which he declared on August 17, 1998 at the Al-Umm Islamic Boarding School, Tangerang. Since then Habib Rizieq has served as the General Chair of the FPI until 2013.

In 2013, through the FPI National Conference, Habib Rizieq confirmed as the FPI High Priest. What a genealogy looks like Habib Rizieq?

According to General Chairman Rabithah Alawiyah Habib Zein bin Umar Smith, lineage Habib Rizieq related to the Prophet Muhammad is very clear. Habib Rizieq comes from Qabilah (clan) Bin Shihab (some mention Bin Shahab or Bin Shihabuddin).

“The Shihabuddin clan has been known for a long time as a great scholar and scholar, and has the breadth of knowledge in each era. Until now, the Bin Shihab clan is mostly intellectuals in their respective fields,” said Habib Zein.

Bin Shihabuddin is one of the branches of the descendants of Al-Faqih Muqaddam Muhammad bin Ali, and his lineage continues to reach Imam Ahmad Al-Muhajir. Continuing to ibn Isa ibn Muhammad ibn Imam Ali Al-Uraidhi, ibn Ja’far As-Sodiq ibn Imam Muhammad Al-Baqir ibn Imam Ali Zainal Abidin ibn Imam Hussein As-Syahid ibn Ali ibn Abi Tholib with Fatimah Az-zahra bint Rasulullah SAW .

Rabithah Alawiyah is an Islamic organization engaged in the social sector which was originally named Perkoempoelan Arrabitatoel-Alawijah. This organization gathers Indonesian citizens of Arab descent, especially the Prophet Muhammad SAW.

Family tree Habib Rizieq It can also be seen from the journal Studia Islamika which was published in 2004. The journal was published by the Center for Islamic and Community Studies (PPIM) UIN Jakarta, sponsored by the Australia-Indonesia Institute.

Genealogy order Habib Rizieq there is an article entitled Defending The Majesty of Islam: Indonesia’s Front Pembela Islam (FPI) 1998-2003. The paper was written by PPIM researcher Jajang Jahroni.

“Habib Muhammad Rizieq Shihab was born in Jakarta, August 24, 1965 in the ahl al-bait family. The descendants of the Prophet Muhammad are indicated as habib,” wrote Jajang who is also a lecturer at the Faculty of Adab and Humanities, UIN Jakarta.

Father Habib Rizieq is Habib Husein bin Muhammad Shihab who in 1937 founded Pandu Arab Indonesia (PAI) with his colleagues. He became the leader of PAI which later changed its name to PII. Husein was a spy for the Indonesian army in 1930-1945.

Husien died one year after Habib Rizieq was born in 1966. Habib Rizieq’s care was then taken over by his mother Syarifah Sidah Al-Attas, who is also an ahl al-bait. Habib Rizieq received his education at LIPIA before continuing to Saudi Arabia.

In higher education, Habib Rizieq successfully accepted into the Faculty of Law at King Saud University. Before continuing his education, Habib Rizieq married Syarifah Fadlun. He is the grandson of the famous Betawi mufti Sayyid Uthman ibn Abdullah ibn Yahya.

With this pedigree, Habib Rizieq has Hadrami and Betawi descendants from both of his parents. Habib Rizieq is said to have spent his school years in Petamburan and Pejompongan, before continuing to college.

Habib Rizieq briefly taught at Madrasah Aliyah Jami’at al-Khair, Tanah Abang. He resigned in 1966 and wrote a book tajwid al-ladzual al-Muftd ft nl-‘IIm nl-Tnjurd which was distributed in Indonesia, Malaysia and Brunei.



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