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Gyeongin Ilbo: [참성단]Novak Djokovic

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Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) and Barcelona FC met at the Camp Nou in Barcelona, ​​Spain. It was in the first leg of the round of 16 of the ‘2020-2021 European Football Federation (UEFA) Champions League’ on the 17th. Shinsung Killian Mbafe (23) and Superstar Lionel Messi (34) who have left the human world are the signs of both teams.

Saint-Germain Mbappe overpowered Messi with a hat-trick. The third goal, minus the opponent’s keeper with an exquisite winding kick, was an illusion. This is a scene that clearly shows why he is the crown prince to succeed the lineage of European football goalkeepers, symbolized by Messi and Ronaldo (36, Juventus). Messi scored the opening goal with PK, but was helpless throughout, and had to watch Mbafe’s hat-trick and the team’s 1-4 complete defeat.

The semifinals of men’s singles at the ‘2021 Australian Open Tennis Tournament’ which opened on the 8th were covered. Novak Djokovic (33, Serbia), Aslan Karachev (27, Russia), Stefanos Chichipas (21, Greece), and Danil Medvedev (24, Russia). Karachev, ranked 114th in the world ranking, became a player in the semifinals after going through the preliminary rounds in 21 years. Except for Djokovic, even avid fans are unfamiliar newcomers. Roger Federer (40), Rafael Nadal (34), and Andy Murray (33), the 4th King of Pro Tennis, are not visible. Nadal, the master of the left hand, was shocked by Karachev and packed his luggage. Leading 2-0, he collapsed due to poor physical strength.

In the women’s singles, Naomi Osaka (23), which Japan is proud of, defeated Serena Williams (39, USA), a veteran of the battle, and advanced to the final. Williams was able to ties with Margaret Court’s (retired, Australia) record for the most men’s and women’s singles wins (24 innings) in major tournaments, but pushed it to the next opportunity.

In the world of sports where physical strength and skill must be combined, the change of generations is a matter of reason and fate. The place where the old star has left is taken over by the enthusiastic junior. Fans are always thirsty for a new star. Even so, the change in the face of professional sports this year is not unusual. UFC signboard corner McGregor (33, Ireland) lost TKO last month to Dustin Poirier (32, USA). Seven years ago, McGregor was a one-sided opponent. Djokovic aims to win the Australian Open 3 consecutive times and 9 times in total. He shook his fan heart with the flame fighting spirit throwing the racket. I applaud the’Challenge of the Century’ of an old man in his 30s.

/ Editorial Writer Hong Jeong-pyo

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