Gwyneth Paltrow faces trial for allegedly injuring and not assisting a skier.

76-year-old Terry Sanderson wants to recover 300,000 dollars (278.4 thousand euros) for the damage, reducing the amount from the 3.1 million dollars (2.88 million euros) originally requested.

Sanderson claims Paltrow lost control while skiing down a mountain in Deer Valley, Utah, and crashed into him. As a result of the collision, he lost consciousness, suffered a brain injury, four broken ribs and other serious injuries.

He claims that after the collision, Paltrow got up and skidded away, leaving him stunned and badly injured lying in the snow. The suit alleges that Paltrow’s ski instructor saw the crash, didn’t even try to help the victim, but later accused Sanderson himself of causing the collision “to protect his client with a false report.”

Sanderson claimed that it took him three years to prepare the lawsuit because of his severely impaired health as a result of his injuries and problems with lawyers. Paltrow later countersued, claiming that it was Sanderson who hit her, causing minor injuries, and immediately apologized.

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