Guylaine Guay becomes spokesperson for the Rock N Ronde boutique

It was on May 24 that Guylaine Guay announced, via her Facebook page, that she is the shop’s proud spokesperson Rock N Round.

« Proud official spokesperson for the @rocknronde store. I love everything about this store! Colorful, beautiful, from here and elsewhere. A cool owner Julie Duquette and designer Yvan Cuerrier, full of ideas with an eye for plus size cuts. An association that delights me in every way! Makeover: Anaïs Côté. Photographer: Martin Ouellet “, could we read in the caption under the publication.

“Colourful, beautiful, from here and elsewhere”

Guylaine Guay is not afraid to speak out in favor of self-esteem. Let us remember that at the beginning of last May, after the with Gala. However, during the impressive red carpet overflowing with stars, we learned that Kim Kardashianwho wore the dress of Marilyn Monroehad to lose 16 pounds to be able to “get inside“.

Guylaine Guay voiced his disagreement with the American star’s drastic and unhealthy weight loss on social media.

« Praising someone who loses 16 pounds in 3 weeks for the “noble” cause of “fitting” into a dress?
How are you people? So unhealthy. Empty. And futile. Wicked model. #dietculture “, could we read in the caption under the publication.

Fans and admirers of Guylaine Guay reacted in the comments on Instagram.

« One month away from our young people’s proms! Cr*ss of good timing to lose 16 pounds “, Launched a user.

« Are you really surprised by him? Probably one of the most eminent stars of the very elitist circle of “Super Toxic Personalities” someone else added.

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« And her, how is she? It’s sad to have to limit yourself again to non-standard standards “wrote an admirer of Guylaine.

She spoke all the more to defend her point of view on self-acceptance, discrimination and fatphobia. Among other things, on leaving the house of Big Brotherthe ex-candidate confided in this subject and on several hateful comments she received, on the show In the media.

« We expected several grossophobic comments, because since the beginning of my career, I have received a lot of comments about my weight, my physique, but here we went completely elsewhere because, as in the house, I had a certain influence, I became a bit of the mother superior of the house “, she said.

« The word “matron” came up quite often. I have been criticized for having character because I took a stand. Internet users have criticized me for having too much influence, for being petty. I think I had certain opinions and I expressed them. Maybe it’s when it’s a woman who has these opinions, it’s less well received. Because there was a season 1 of Big Brother and the people who controlled the house, they were men and as far as I know, they were not called godfathers and mafiosos of the house “, she added.

In the end, Guylaine Guay is a real inspiration for all of us.

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