GUR: Invaders’ Railway Transport Carrying Rockets of “Caliber” Destroyed in Dzhankoy

Russian cruise missiles were destroyed in Russian-occupied Dzhankoy in northern Crimea on the evening of March 20, Ukrainian military intelligence said.

Source: Main Directorate of Intelligence Ministry of Defense of Ukraine

Literally GUR: “An explosion in the city of Dzhankoy in the north of the temporarily occupied Crimea destroyed Russian Caliber NK cruise missiles during their transportation by rail.”

Details: The GUR said that “the mysterious” bavovna “continues the process of demilitarization of Russia and prepares the Ukrainian peninsula of Crimea for de-occupation.”

Earlier, Crimeans in public wrote about a series of explosions that they heard in Dzhankoy. The occupying authorities confirmed that “there was an arrival of drones.”

Reference: “Kalibr NK” – missiles designed for launches from surface ships of the Russian Black Sea Fleet. The range of destruction is more than 2500 kilometers for ground targets and 375 kilometers for sea targets.

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