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The occupiers share their impressions of the use of “some new MLRS” by the Armed Forces of Ukraine, which operate from such a distance that their volley cannot be heard in the missile impact zone and the Russians do not have time to announce the alarm. Interception of a telephone conversation published by the Main Directorate of Intelligence Ministry of Defense.

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“We now live here with the intelligence officers, so two days ago they flew into the building. Some kind of x..y e…t, you can’t hear them coming out … me, just ffffff two seconds – and bam, bam,” – tells one.

Another suggests that it is some kind of “silent Polish x … i”, but the first one says that it is “MLRS like” Grad “or” Hurricane “, but only it is silent, bitch.”

After that, both try to remember what the HIMARS are called, but they can only remember “hummers” right off the bat.

The occupants also discuss that on TV they constantly lie about the “minimal losses” of the Russians, and that the supply of the Russian army is so poor that those returning after being wounded bring “night lights” for themselves.

Due to age restrictions, the recording of this interception can be listened to only on YouTube.

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Sergei Berezhnoy

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