Guo Shuyao Breastfeeding With Scented Shoulders Is Tremendous Appealing, Meng Gengru Is Envious: Why You Have Mom-Daughter Apparel | Amusement | CTWANT

Artist Huang Zijiao married Meng Gengru in 2020. In May well of this calendar year, they welcomed their daughter, Huang Maize, to turn out to be a new guardian. The two frequently share their father or mother-child daily life on social media. Just lately, Guo Shuyao was breastfeeding yellow corn with her scented shoulders. Meng Gengru was envious when she noticed the two of them sporting mom-daughter attire.

Guo Shuyao explained she was wearing a sister costume. (Photo / Flip yaokuo IG)

Meng Gengru recently posted on IG, expressing, “Why do you have mom-daughter outfits? Which is not truthful.” From the image, Guo Shuyao is sporting a floral patterned flat prime, feeding milk with yellow corn, exhibiting interesting shoulders and a whole lot white, and the shade of the flat top is just the identical as that of yellow corn. Guo Shuyao also responded with restrictions: “We are sisters pretending to be”, “Slumber and chuckle so happily, mainly because individuals will not melt!”

Also, it was not long ago reported that Meng Gengru was also naked to article a photograph of yellow corn on Fb and Meng Gengru posted on Facebook: “The video clip he was 3 months old that working day was said he was much too naked by FB, I seriously I never recognize. She also posted a lovable photo of her daughter applying her toothbrush, “I genuinely want to share a ton of the issues that corn uses.

Teeth fixer for yellow corn.  (Photo / Photographed from Facebook by Meng Gengru)
Tooth fixer for yellow corn. (Image / Photographed from Fb by Meng Gengru)

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