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Yesterday, July 3, the festival opened in Liepāja with the concert of the internationally recognized Swedish organist and pedagogue Hans Łulas Eriksson “Liepāja organ music summer – 2022”that’s why we are calling the producer of this concert cycle this morning Gundaru Venenuwho, among other things, does not hide: “Each of our organ music concert series is an event for which we prepare a lot and we are glad that we manage to implement it. Because in essence it is not easy at all – [sarīkot] cycle of nine concerts. And this is already our twelfth summer of organ music.”

It will not be superfluous to remind that exactly this year twenty years have passed since regularly and at a high professional level Liepāja’s Sv. Organ music concerts and a festival took place in the Trinity Cathedral.

The first international Liepaja organ music festival was held in 2002. It was founded by the Liepāja Culture Board, in artistic collaboration with the city’s municipal organist, Lotars Džeriņas, who was prematurely called to Eternity in the fall of 2021. Until the global economic crisis in 2009, the festival experienced constant growth. It has left an indelible mark on the cultural events map of Liepāja and Latvia and the sound files of Latvijas Radio. During the flowering period, the festival concerts were played in all Liepāja churches, as well as entertaining the listeners in Rucava, Aizpute and Kuldīga churches with outing concerts.

Unfortunately, the financial crisis undermined music events in Latvia and Liepāja as well. Meanwhile, the cathedral made an unequivocal decision – the legendary organ should sound and not only at the festival. In this motivation, in 2011, the idea of ​​an organ music summer concert cycle called “Music for God” was born. This form allows Lotars Dzeriņš’s performances to continue, so that Liepāja residents and city guests can hear concert programs with the participation of outstanding artists on the world-famous instrument.

The summer organ music concerts of 2022 will perpetuate the memory of the former Liepaja city organist. On July 3, the internationally recognized Swedish organist and pedagogue Hanss Ła Eriksons performed at the Iskanas concert, with whom Lotars Džeriņš also improved his artistic skills during his summer organ music studies in Sweden.

Līga Dejus, an organist from the Rucava Cultural Center in the extreme south of Latvia, whose first teacher was L. Džeriņš, will perform at the July 10 concert. Together with Līga, bass-baritone Rihards Miller will perform at the concert. Also this year, the organists will be joined by a second instrumentalist or voice at the concerts, which will make the repertoire wider and more interesting for a larger circle of listeners.

The concerts will take place every Sunday – until August 28 at 17.00. Edīte Alpe (organ) and Inga Šlubovska-Kanceviča (soprano), Kristīne Adamaite (organ) and Iveta Apine (soprano), Larisa Carjkova (organ) and Irina Viļegžanina (cello), Una Cintiņa (organist, Netherlands) have also responded to the invitation of the concert series. Viktorija Pakalniece (soprano), Simona Sunepa (organ) and Juris Vizbulis (tenor), organ duo – Vita Kalnciema and Liena Andreta Kalnciema.

On the afternoon of July 24, the audience will hear Eric Eshenvald’s Music for God’s House! With this concert program, listeners will be given a glimpse of the future, when Liepāja, together with Southern Kurzeme and Kuldīga counties, will be the cultural capital of Europe. After five years, one of the most prominent Latvian composers – Eriks Ešenvalds, will celebrate a round anniversary of his life and a big concert with a selection of the most beautiful musical works of the connoisseur is planned as part of the capital of culture program. But already in 2022, St. The composer’s music will be performed in the Trinity Cathedral by Riga Cathedral organist Aigars Reinis, saxophonist Aigars Raumanis, soprano Viktorija Pakalniece and the Liepāja mixed choir “Intis” led by conductor Ilze Valce.

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