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Guilty Gear – Strive -: Implementations for PC and PS5 confirmed; Whitefang and Nagoriyuki in the trailer


Guilty Gear – Strive – Arc System Works confirms that it will also be released for PlayStation 5 and PC via Steam in spring 2021 officially. So far, there was only talk of a PS4 version and arcade machines. In addition, two more characters have been announced. In addition to Leo Whitefang, who is already known from older parts, the vampire Nagoriyuki will celebrate its premiere in the game. Both fighters show their skills in the following trailer. Most recent video: Japan Fighting Game Publishers Roundtable

“Nagoriyuki: Nagoriyuki is the newest addition to the Guilty Gear universe. A vampire with a number of unique and powerful abilities, he wields a huge sword with impressive skill in battle and slashes at his enemies with punishing blows. Stay tuned for more info about this mysterious figure!”

“Leo Whitefang: Leo is one of the three ‘Allied Kings’ of the Allied Kingdom of Illyria, and is responsible for the governing of Europe, the Middle East, and Oceania. He is also an accomplished warrior in his own right, with a relentless fighting style.”


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