Guillermo Ochoa’s new job at América and gives Baños a chair

The new job offered to Guillermo Ochoa in America

The Mexican goalkeeper Guillermo Ochoa is one of the players most loved by the fans of America, therefore, the board would try to convince him to stay one more period, although the player would no longer have any intention of continuing.

Given this, Emilio Azcárraga would seek a way to persuade Guillermo Ochoa to be part of the azulcrema board, a somewhat more desk job rather than on the field. In fact, Paco Memo showed that as a manager he can bring in players like Jonathan dos Santos.

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According to W Deportes, it was precisely the Mexican goalkeeper who was responsible for the arrival of the youngest of the two Saints to the squad and not Santiago Baños, this because the player would be upset with the president of América for removing his brother from the club.

What does Guillermo Ochoa want to do when he retires?

In an interview for the Los Campamentos program, Guillermo Ochoa assured that he does not plan to be a coach, but that, if he would like to fill an administrative position, that is why America can convince him to remain in the team as an important arm to recruit players.

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