Guillermo Ochoa’s incredible exercise routine (VIDEO)

The ‘Eagles‘ of the America have started amazingly this Guard1anes 2020. And it is that, after the preseason that the azulcrema team had, many fans were worried about what could happen with the team; however those led by Miguel Herrera are currently kept in the head of the general table and it has a lot to do with Guillermo Ochoa.

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The goalkeeper on duty has established himself as one of the best in the tournament after receiving only a goal in the debut against Pachuca. In addition, he has directly intervened in plays that could have meant goals against for the capital institution.

This is due to his qualities under the three posts and the physical condition he manages despite overcome the barrier of 35 years. This could be seen reflected in a video that circulated through social networks, where a Guillermo Ochoa performing an incredible exercise routine In the company of your instructor and respecting the recommended sanitation measures.

Here, ‘Paco Mamo’ performs incessant exercises with a ball; also, intensifies your body with weights and fast movements worth mentioning. Said publication becomes more relevant because it was made this Sunday; that is, the day that the ‘Louse’ gave the day off to the staff of the America.

Guillermo Ochoa Not only is he one of the most popular footballers in the green rectangle, but he has also generated significant supporters in the digital world. Just a few days ago, the cream blue goalkeeper became a trend after “Criticize” the state of form of Luisito Comunica, famous youtuber who is commonly compared to the national team.

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