Guillermo Ochoa’s decision to resign from América if Carlos Vela arrives

Guillermo Ochoa’s position now that Carlos Vela can reach America

The Mexican forward Carlos candle could leave as a free agent in the summer with which interested teams can now launch offers, one of the teams that has closely followed the Mexican is the America.

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Emilio Azcarraga has been one of the main stakeholders in the Mexican forward defending the shirt of the AmericaHowever, the salary issue is something that can complicate the situation.

However, it is something that America you can manage as you did at the time with Guillermo Ochoa, goalkeeper of the Mexican team and of which it was commented that he had a difference with Carlos Vela.

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Will Guillermo Ochoa leave if Carlos Vela arrives?

The truth is that Carlos Vela and Guillermo Ochoa has a very good relationship, beyond the situation of the Mexican team, the Mexican goalkeeper and the attacker of LAFC they get along, therefore, Paco Memo it could consider its renewal in the event that a player of the characteristics of Vela arrives.

Carlos Vela and Guillermo Ochoa prior to the 2020 Concachampions duel

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