Guillermo Mariotto, “At Isoardi I don’t apologize to Rossella Erra, yes, and I’ll explain why” – Baritalia News

dancing with the Stars”This year is not having an easy time.

The problems arose before the transmission began when, from March due to the coronavirus that stopped all transmissions and more, the start of the transmission was postponed to September. But, before it started, there were many problems always related to covid. Several dancers and competitors were positive and could not start regularly until a week ago when he returned to the competition too. Samuel Peron finally negative after numerous swabs. Then there was hospitalization and surgery for appendicitis Raimondo Todaro, then the ankle problems of Elisa Isoardi and finally the food poisoning of two competitors. In short, a very complicated season for Milly Carlucci who, although she is keeping her nerve, has nevertheless declared that she is a bit tired of all these situations so complicated to manage.

Guillermo Mariotto offended Elisa Isoardi and Rossella Erra

Guillermo Mariotto is one of the historical judges of dancing with the Stars who really like but who can also be very pungent in the comments.

A few weeks ago it was more than really insulting biting with both Elisa Isoardi both with Rossella Erra. Alla Isoardi, after a beautiful performance he told her that you can see that she is an expert between the sheets leaving the same Isoardi open-mouthed without commenting or countering anything. TO Rossella Erra defined it “Fat“. Both the public at home and on social media are disappointed Wild Lucarelli which usually in these situations intervenes with a straight leg Milly Carlucci intervened to defend the two women attacked.

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Also because, just a few days before the Lucarelli it had thrown itself against Mario Balottelli for saying a phrase that was meant to be joking but which actually turned out to be very vulgar a Dayanne Mello.

Guillermo Mariotto apologizes on his knees to Rossella Erra but not to Elisa Isoardi

Guillermo Mariotto was accused on multiple fronts of being rude to women and he explained that a Elisa Isoradi he doesn’t want to apologize because he only meant to talk about the Isoardi dancer and not of the woman Isoardi when she said “good between the sheets” mentre a Rossella Erra during the transmission Italian Stories conducted by Eleonora Daniele, Mariotto he apologized and when the Daniele he told him: “You have to do it with your heart. It is fundamental as a gesture “, Mariotto got down on his knees and apologized to Rossella Erra.

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