Guild ball in Villingen: Actors carry spectators with their good mood – Villingen-Schwenningen & surroundings

Under the motto “Restart – Everything from scratch”, the actors showed that they have the Fasnet in their blood. Photo: Rainer Bombardi

The guild ball of the Villinger Narrozunft has made a successful comeback: Under the motto “Restart – Everything from the beginning”, the actors showed that they have the Fasnet in their blood and carried away the spectators in the concert hall with their good mood.

VS-Villingen – In view of the past pandemic years, in which only online formats were possible, the guild wants to get going again, emphasized guild master Anselm Säger and the second guild master Alex Brüderle.

The ball team led by directors Olli Kienzler and Timo Klotzl pressed the reset button to embark on a journey to the beginnings of Fasnet and the roots of Villingen-Schwenningen. It quickly becomes apparent that, according to the cosmological findings of the guild, the fool came about with the Big Bang. The double city, however, is not 13.8 billion, but only 50 years old, to which the moderators of the evening dedicate themselves from the regulars’ table in the middle of the audience.

Back to the time when the two cities merged

Full of humor and speed, it always goes back to the merger of the two cities, for example with Olli Kienzler and Anselm Säger in the roles of the former mayors Gerhard Gebauer and Severin Kern, who talk about the bright future of the regional center as the “third largest metropolis in the southwest after Stuttgart and Mannheim” ponder and distribute many a dig at local politics.

Little Narro, Wuescht and Butzesel can hardly imagine how it used to be at the Fasnet and are desperately trying to find out with YouTube videos or the guild app how they can really go on the gas. And let an older fool convince them that they can have fun singing without a smartphone.

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Coaches want to awaken Fasnetgoascht in ball visitors

As coaches of a special kind, Alex Brüderle and Alina Wöhrle try to awaken the Fasnetgoascht in the ball visitors, who even take part in exercises and have to search for it inside themselves. Whether philosophically tinged or driven by monetary interests, the two unite their critical view of the twin city, which, in view of the extension of the closing time on Färberstrasse, leads them to the insight that the upper center is developing into the “grandfather center”.

The young people of the small Fasnet clubs take matters into their own hands, rehearsing the rebellion against the traditional guilds and demanding fasting for everyone at a demo. Ziegelbub, Schantle or Südstadtclown not only throw loud slogans like “Down with the Narro plague” but also stick to the portraits of the guild masters and attack them with tripe soup.

“Golden Nuggets” on a special mission

Meanwhile, the “Golden Nuggets” want to turn back time. It takes quite a while before they actually end up in 1972 and finally their mission fails completely. The reed birds flown in from the ceiling of the hall and comment on what is happening in the reed and beyond are completely in the here and now.

Olli Kienzler and Anselm Säger take on developments throughout the city: Suddenly they are on stage as Michael Schopfer and Thomas Moser and fight a battle of giants, get upset and rumble – and the audience goes wild. A great conclusion to a more than two-hour program that convinces with varied numbers.

Children, youth and guild ballet inspire

There is also thunderous applause for the children’s, youth and guild ballets, which take you back in time in colorful costumes or go to the strongholds of Fastnacht and Mardi Gras.

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An evening that proves that the Fasnetgoascht has everyone under control again and that the guild does not have to worry about its future. The youngsters, who have gradually conquered the stage in recent years, are still part of the party and are full of practical jokes. And along with this, the actors increasingly rely on modern technology, for example with the video clip “Fasnet we go steep”, a Villinger version of the party hit with their own texts and funny scenes in the Häs.

The audience celebrates this successful new start together with the guild at the two sold-out balls late into the night.

Info: the actors

Round table moderation: Steffi Brüderle, Joachim Fuchs, Lara Heigl

Big Bang: film/voice: Olli Kienzler; Narro: Andreas Strassacker

Prologue Alt.OB’s: Severin Kern: Anselm Säger; Gerhard Gebauer: Olli Kienzler

Narrozunft APP: Simon Brüderle, Tom Bicker, Theo Frey

+ children’s ballet

Motivational coaching: Alex Brüderle, Alina Wöhrle

Demo – Fasnet-Mentig for everyone: Brigachblätzle: Sebastian Bohrer; Spot-Spot: Pauline Sawyer; Südstadt clown: Lorenz Richter; Witch Guild: Simon Haas; Brick Knave: Philipp Haas; Shantle: Moritz Feustel; Guild master: Anselm Sawyer; Building services: Michael Reiser; protesters:

Moritz Schaumann, Sophie-Marie Schaumann, Linus Feustel, Lara Lewanderski, Hannah Becker

Time travel: Mayor Gebauer: Luki Link; Golden Nuggets: Luis Dinser, Fabi Mauch, Jonas Kretschmer, Matze Keller; Stone Age fool: Tim Zimmermann; Future-Narro: Moritz Haas; Glitter nuggets: Manne Roth, Rolf Kübeler, Hans Vosseler, Peter Metzger

Video clip – Fasnet we go steep: music production: Kathi Furtwängler; Lyrics: Kathi Dörflinger and Caro Dörflinger; Vocals: Philipp Haas; Camera: Alisa Wolper; Camera assistants: Fabian Mauch and Miriam Braun; Editing: Alisa Wolper and Kathi Furtwangler; Drivers and donkeys: Maike Fackler, Kim Belch, Pati Belch, Pauline Sawyer; Desired: Franziska Furtwangler, Julie Sauter, Luise Wagner; Narro and Morbili: Simon Haas and Kathi Furtwangler; Spectators: Moritz Zimmermann, Marvin Singer, Miriam Braun, Fabian and Sarah Höller, Angelina Fauth, Quirin Säger, Clemens Treyer

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The Reed Birds: Bullfinch: Mathis Richter; Owl: Quirin Saeger

Young bird: Linus Richter

VS giants: Thomas M.: Anselm Säger; Michael S.: Olli Kienzler

Children’s Ballet: Trainers: Jana Metzger and Sassi Mauch; Greta Tröndle, Hanna Ummenhofer, Lotta Wagner, Emel Weißer, Sophia Kummer, Emma-Helene Koch, Lore Schmidt, Mia Schaumann, Lotta Fleig, Lena Schaumann

Elice Löffler, Mia Becker, Mia Rudzki, Fiona Kaefer, Magdalena Degen, and Cecilia Grauer

Youth and guild ballet: trainers: Selina Schaumann and Maxi Raufer; Youth ballet: Merle Fleig, Kira Frey, Marvie Greitmann, Antonia Haas, Valerie Haas, Stella Hauser, Jana Kluth, Lara-Marie Lewanderski, Louisa Lewanderski, Leonie Reiser, Marie Reiser, Sophie-Marie Schaumann, Estée Hauser, Melissa Teutsch, Maya Teutsch , Lene Wagner, Elaine Weißer, Luise Wagner, Linus Feustel, Moritz Feustel; Guild Ballet: Kathrin Bachert, Timo Brugger, Hannah Becker, Hannah Dinser, Sophia Oberföll, Daniel Rausevic, Katharina Hohn, Lea Dinser, Fiona Barthel, Ann-Kathrin Weißer,

Amelie Schaumann, Ina Sauter, Angelina Fauth, Selina Schaumann, Pauline Saeger, Maxi Raufer, Vreni Dinser

Mask: Karin Blessing, Isa Roth, Nicole Rizza, Laura Ruck, Tiffany Ummenhofer, Caro Riesle, Alisa Wolper

Hairstyles: Julia Klötzl, Lisa Steidle, Claudia Raufer, Annette Wagner

Costumes/seamstresses: Jana Metzger, Sassi Mauch, the children’s mothers, Julia Wursthorn, Jasmin Mauch

Light & Sound: Käfer-PA – Conny and Markus Käfer, Dennis Schmidt

Spot driver: Fabian Höller, Marvin Nirwing

Video recording: Jens Schaumann, Niklas Klein

Scenery painters: Uwe Waldvogel, Ute Kimmich, Dragan Krek, Lukas Link

Backstage-Crew: Peter Feustel, Oliver Greitmann, Torsten Haas, Rafael Lewanderski,

Marcel Nolle, Michael Reiser,

Peter Simon, Jan Wein, Michael Willmann, Daniel Roth,

Christian Hauser, Jörg Kimmich

Set construction: Peter Feustel, Torsten Haas, Rafael Lewanderski, Marcel Nolle, Michael Reiser, Peter Simon, Simon Brüderle, Timo Klötzl, Christian Hauser, Christoph Langenbacher

Director: Olli Kienzler, Timo Kloetzl

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