Guided tour on the theme of the city in medieval times

When Chartres me is told

Claire Barber, guide – lecturer at the Office of tourism of Chartres Métropole, was accompanied, on Saturday, the nine people registered (maximum number) to the guided tour on the theme of the city at the time of the Middle Ages : “The period in question extends over six centuries, approximately, of the IX e the XIV e century, according to the dates of the construction of the important places of the city, with of course details and stories interesting to tell. ”

Count of Chartres

From the House of the salmon and place the Fish shop, Claire Barber could only talk about the past of this place : “here, there was the fish market. The House of the Salmon represents the houses in the Middle Ages, it is a witness. “

Crossing the square Billiards, the guide evokes the presence of the château comtal, which was built at the same location the current market place of the power of the Count of Chartres, founded by Thibaud le Tricheur, around 950, in the bottom of the current square stone, surrounded by battlements and houses. The county of Chartres became a duchy in 1328.

“The dungeon of the count’s castle has been destroyed, in part, to 1587. Then, the place has been used as a slaughterhouse, until 1785, during the Revolution, where it became a prison. From 1899, the market occupies the place, up to our days. “

The visitors were then able to discover the porte Guillaume, place of obligatory passage of pilgrims and merchants to the center of the city ; the wash-houses and bridges in low town ; and then the collegiate church Saint-André, before a return by the gardens of the bishopric and the cathedral of Notre-Dame, where was the seat of the episcopal power, direct competitor to the power of count, a few meters away.

Practice. Next visits : Saturday, June 27, “A ride” photographic, in 10 hours (cost : 20 ) ; “The episcopal city” at 10: 30 a.m. (cost : 15 ). Reservations on


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