Guide. Should you buy the Nintendo Switch OLED?

With its pretty colors displayed, its larger screen, its more accomplished crutch… It is sure, it makes envy the Nintendo Switch OLED! We were also able to try it for a long time and we are rather convinced.

Despite all of its good qualities, that doesn’t automatically mean you should buy it. At 350 euros recommended price, it is still preferable to take into account all the options.

You play mostly on TV (or plan to buy a Switch for such use)

With the exception of its Ethernet port directly integrated into the base, the OLED Switch does absolutely nothing if you play on your TV. The old Switch model can also benefit from such a connection using an adapter that costs between 15 and 30 euros. So this is clearly not a necessity.

The new base of the Nintendo Switch model OLED now accommodates an Ethernet port. © Ouest-France

Once the console is in its base and you are well installed in your chair, you will not benefit from OLED technology or the larger panel. These are the two main arguments of the machine.

So, on that account, you might as well keep your old system. And if you wanted to buy one for the home, I see no reason not to take the previous model.

Verdict: no.

You don’t have a Nintendo Switch (or you were planning to buy one anyway)

Unlike other upgrades that we have known in the past at Nintendo (we think of the 3DS XL which was still much larger than the initial model), the OLED Switch is objectively better in every way compared to to the original model.

It does not take up much more space and its additional weight of 30 grams is really negligible. As for the possible deteriorations of the screen inherent in OLED technology, they remain to be demonstrated and, if necessary, will not occur for many, many years.

In short, if you have the means and it is your first Switch, the 80 euros that separate the classic version, the price of which has recently fallen to 270 euros and the OLED Switch to 350 euros are not the sea to drink.

photo the nintendo switch lite is cheaper, smaller, lighter and entirely dedicated to portable use.  it is therefore impossible to connect it to a television.  © nintendo

The Nintendo Switch Lite is cheaper, smaller, lighter and entirely dedicated to portable use. It is therefore impossible to connect it to a television. © Nintendo

If there must be any hesitation, it is possibly with the Switch Lite. The latter is much more affordable with its price of 200 euros, but also much smaller, lighter and suitable for transport.

Be careful, however, this version does not allow you to play on television. To be reserved only for frequent travelers addicted to couchsurfing!

Verdict: Yes (but take a look at the Switch Lite anyway if you know you’ll never be playing on your TV).

You already have a working Nintendo Switch

Good. There, it is more complicated. If your Switch is functional and not that worn out (it’s mostly on the battery level that it shows), I’m not sure spending 350 euros on the update is such a good deal.

photo the nintendo switch model oled is available in white, but also in its usual “neon” color.  © west-france

The Nintendo Switch OLED model is available in white, but also in its usual “neon” color. © Ouest-France

Because even if you manage to resell your old console with its controllers and make, say, 150 euros, it will cost you 150 euros for a marginal improvement of the machine. Not sure it’s worth it.

After, hey! You know better than anyone your affinities with the screen of the standard model of the Switch. If you find that your current experience frustrates you more than anything else: let’s go!

Verdict: a priori no, unless the display of your current Switch annoys you.



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