Guberniev – Kasperovich: tell me who fed Loginov EPO? Do not you know?

Guberniev – Kasperovich: tell me who fed Loginov EPO? Do not you know?


Famous sports commentator Dmitry Guberniev responded to words Alexander Kasperovich, personal trainer of the Russian biathlete Alexandra Loginova, about the persecution of a ward in connection with the doping past. In an interview with RIA Novosti, the coach said: “The pressure does not come from the French or Norwegians, but from ours. Who asks questions to foreign experts? Who writes about this? Ours are fueling this moment. ”

“A trainer Kasperovich who talks about our journalistic doping incitements: better tell me who fed EP Loginov? Don’t you know, coach? ” – Guberniev wrote in his telegram channel.

Loginov had previously served a disqualification for using EPO.

Today, February 20, at the biathlon world championship will be held supermix. “Championship” is a text online broadcast.

Kasperovich: pressure on Loginov does not come from foreign athletes, but from our media

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Johannes Boe: we went a little too far. Loginov spoiled his day

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