Guardiola was called crazy by Haaland

THANKED FOR THE MATCH: Pep Guardiola took Erling Braut Haaland off the field after scoring two goals against West Ham at the London Stadium last Sunday.

MANCHESTER (VG) Erling Braut Haaland (22) called Pep Guardiola (51) “crazy” after his Manchester City debut. Now the successful Spanish coach comments on the statement by describing him as one of the best youngsters of all time.


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– Guardiola is a bit crazy, and I like that. This is going to be fun, Haaland said with a grin to VG and other media in the USA, without wanting to elaborate on exactly what makes Guardiola “crazy”.

At the time, Haaland was standing in the interview zone at Lambeau Field in the USA after having scored in the 1–0 win over Bayern Munich. Last Sunday, it was more fun, as the 22-year-old predicted, when he introduced himself to Football England with two new netizens in their Premier League debut against West Ham.

Ahead of the home game against Bournemouth, Guardiola entered a press conference here at the City Football Academy 10 minutes late on Friday afternoon. When VG asks what he thinks Haaland means by describing him as “a little crazy” and whether it is important to be obsessed with being the best possible in order to succeed, the 51-year-old looks determinedly at VG’s reporter and answers as follows:

– Erling still has the opportunity to improve. He can still become a better player, and he has the will to be. I have never seen a player aged 21-22 before, maybe with the exception of (Lionel) Messi, who is so good, says Guardiola before continuing:

– But you are never completely developed and everything can be improved. Both this season and next, we will try to make him even better than when he arrived at the club.

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Did you get this one? Watch broadcast from London after Haaland’s display for Manchester City.

The Manchester City manager continued his tribute to Haaland through the press conference.

– He is an exceptional player. But we’ve been together for a month or a half, so it’s not important for me to rank him now (among others I’ve trained). But I see he is here to win.

– How do you experience him in training?

– He has a clear goal in mind, says Guardiola and points to his forehead.

– What I am most impressed by is how dedicated and humble he is. He talks so much to the young players. This is very good.

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Gary Neville is among them the many experts who were excited about the qualities Haaland showed in his Premier League debut. The Manchester United legend described the Norwegian’s skills as supernatural.

– It’s almost as if he is a superhuman in terms of strength. He’s like Ivan Drago (in the Rocky movies), where he picks people up and throws them around. It’s like the Bond villain “Jaws”, where it just feels unfair, the Sky Sports commentator stated.

He was present at the London Stadium on Sunday night and got to see the performance up close.

– It feels unfair to have so much speed, acceleration, strength and quality. We have seen this happen before our eyes. That’s something to think about for everyone else in the league, Neville opined, before adding:

– All the playing patterns City have had have changed a little because of this monster of a footballer.

The match against Bournemouth will be shown live on the Viaplay platform at 16:00.

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