Guardiola chose Vlahovic. A maxi-offer to Fiorentina is coming

In recent days the Fiorentina, through DG Joe Barone, he finally met after several weeks Darko Ristic, the attorney of Dusan Vlahovic. The concept that emerged is that for the transfer of the attacker there will be the involvement of the viola company: the tests of strength by the entourage, at this moment, are not contemplated. However, it seems difficult that in January Commisso can touch the main gear sell the main gear of the Fiorentina, will be discussed again in June.

As reported by the Corriere dello Sport-Stadio, the club that is gathering more and more information about Vlahovic and the Manchester City. Unlike the Tottenham, which with the passing of the days seemed to shrink more and more. THE Citizens they are serious: a shower of millions could really end up on the plate and it will be up to the Fiorentina find a way to postpone the times, going straight to the summer.


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