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The Corona crisis made us long for human relationships, and while everyone waits for the moment when we can meet our loved ones to hug and kiss them, some of us have to deal with “bad breath” before making this long-awaited embrace, so how can this be achieved?

How does bad breath arise?

The Harvard Medical School website states that bad breath is usually caused by bacteria on the teeth and food debris on the tongue. It is therefore not surprising that most cases of bad breath are associated with poor oral hygiene and gum disease such as Gingivitis, periodontitis, and dry mouthIt is a condition in which the salivary glands are unable to produce enough saliva to keep the mouth moist.

It may be tonsillitis, respiratory infections such as sinusitis or bronchitis, some digestive system diseases, advanced liver or kidney disease, and diabetes. It is responsible for a small number of cases of bad breath, the website confirms.

Specialists are advised to visit the dentist to rule out gum disease and other diseases, and to determine the causes of bad breath.

How to get rid of bad breath?

Hygiene first!

The German magazine “Men’s Health” explains that the prevention of bad breath comes mainly from maintaining oral hygiene. Readers are advised to clean the teeth half an hour after eating, with a focus on the spaces between the teeth, while the Harvard Medical School emphasizes the need to brush teeth At least twice a day, with fluoridated toothpaste, and the need to gargle With mouthwash Alcohol-free before bed.

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Avoid smoking

There is no denying what smoke does Tooth-colored And gum health, in addition to the bad smell, and therefore the Harvard Medical School advises to avoid smoking or chewing products that contain tobacco.

What may make this worse; It is drinking coffee with smoking, which leaves a mixture of unpleasant odors that may distract your loved ones from you, according to the “Men’s Health” magazine. The magazine adds that it is essential to avoid bad-smelling foods, such as garlic and onions.

Drink enough water

If you have a dry mouth, make sure you drink enough fluids throughout the day, and use over-the-counter moisturizing agents, such as dry mouth spray, mouthwash, or dry mouth moisturizing gel.

And Harvard University states that if you do not notice any improvement, you may want to make an appointment to see a doctor, as oral medicine doctors provide comprehensive care for mucosal diseases, salivary gland disorders, oral and facial pain, and complications of oral cancer treatment.

Chewing gum kills bacteria

“Men’s Health” magazine recommends chewing sugar-free gum, as it helps to produce saliva that contains oxygen, which in turn contributes to killing bacteria.



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