Guaraní beat Olimpia 2-1 for matchday 15 of the Paraguayan League SUMMARY Goals YouTube VIDEO

With the heart of the ‘Indio’. In a game full of emotions from start to finish, Guaraní turned the score around Olimpia with an agonizing goal from Raúl Bobadilla. The team led by Gustavo Costas achieved victory over the final minutes and eliminating the cardinal box from undefeated.

From the beginning of the match, it was Guaraní who took control of the actions with greater drive and strength. However, the hierarchy of the local team did their job and got the first game through Roque Santa Cruz after a great pass from Hugo Fernández.

Guaraní would find the tie through a goal from Merlini, but minutes later the VAR would annul the goal after a foul in the previous play. The second part would not be very different, although the visit came out with a much greater attitude in search of the tie that would put him back in the fight.

So it was that Florentín found parity after a rude error by Domingo and put Guaraní back into the fight. But when the match seemed to end with a draw for both teams, Raúl Bobadilla would score the winning goal for Gustavo Costas’ boys who are still alive in the fight for the title.

MINUTE x MINUTE | Olympia vs. Guaraní live via Tigo Sports

Follow all the incidents of the match between Olimpia vs. Guaraní for the Paraguayan League 2020.


96 ‘End of the game.

94 ‘Goal kick for Guaraní after a new arrival from Otálvaro.

92 & # 39; Redes wins a corner kick for Guaraní that he does all the time he has given him life.

90 ‘Six more minutes are added to the match.

89 & # 39; Servio comes out of his goal and cuts a long ball that was looking for a player from Olimpia.

87 & # 39; GOOOOOOOL OF GUARANÍ! The match judge validates the goal after being reviewed in the VAR. Raúl Bobadilla made it 2-1 over Olimpia.

84 & # 39; Now it is Guaraní who suffers the cancellation of Bobadilla’s goal for advanced position.

81 ‘Goal annulled for Olimpia after Torres’ advanced position.

73 & # 39; Merlini is knocked down in the rival field and gets a good free kick for Olimpia.

70 & # 39; GOOOOOOOOL OF GUARANÍ! José Florentín defines in good shape to score 1-1 against Olimpia.

66 & # 39; UFFFFF! Redes forced a shot and after a series of rebounds the ball came out near the rival goal.

60 & # 39; Corner shot for Guaraní after a new climb by Báez.

57 & # 39; Fernández is booked in Guaraní after a strong foul on Camacho.

55 & # 39; Báez takes a cross from the left that hits Torres. The Guaraní players asked for a hand, but the referee indicated that there was nothing.

53 & # 39; UFFFFF! Aguilar sends a good shot from Redes to the corner kick, which could have been the draw for Guaraní.

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51 & # 39; Redes is knocked down in the half moon of the Olimpia area and gets a good free kick for Guaraní.

48 & # 39; Bobadilla tried from medium distance with a shot that passed near the Olimpia goal. Guaraní came out against you.

Start the second part!


Minute by minute.

49 ‘End of the game.

47 ‘Arias receives the yellow card after a strong foul.

44 & # 39; Add four more minutes to the match.

43 ‘Roque Santa Cruz wins a free kick in the middle and allows Olimpia to breathe.

40 & # 39; Torres continues to fight at the top, but Olimpia’s defense rejects the danger.

37 ‘Attention! The match judge annuls the score after checking the VAR for a previous foul by Nets. Yellow for the Guaraní player.

34 & # 39; GOOOOOOOL OF GUARANÍ! Merlini found a rebound in Olimpia’s area and shot goalkeeper Aguilar to score 1-1 of the match.

33 & # 39; Torres and Bobadilla cross hard on the right leaving the ball on the side for Guaraní.

30 & # 39; Olimpia regains the position of the ball and begins to touch it in the middle of the field.

28 & # 39; Benítez climbs well on the right and wins a corner kick for Guaraní who pushes in search of a tie.

26 ‘Bobadilla receives the yellow card after a strong foul on Arias. The Guaraní striker misses the next game against Nacional.

23 & # 39; García Guerreño crosses well to ward off danger from his area when Roque Santa Cruz arrived in the middle.

20 & # 39; Servio saves the fall of his bow covering a hand in hand with Hugo Fernández who arrived only in the middle. Guaraní is saved.

18 ‘Merlini finds space in the center and takes a strong shot that blocks the defense of Olimpia.

15 & # 39; Center on the right for Bobadilla, but the play is canceled due to the forward position of the forward.

13 & # 39; GOOOOOOOOOOOOL OF OLIMPIA! Roque Santa Cruz defines in a great way after a great pass from Fernández for 1-0 over Guaraní.

12 & # 39; Good center of Benítez for Bobadilla who manages to reject Arias just enough for Olimpia. Guaraní arrived well.

8 & # 39; Hugo Fernández passed at full speed on the right and took a cross that was well rejected by the Guaraní defense.

7 & # 39; Ortíz commits a strong foul on Redes and grants a danger-free kick to Guaraní.

3 & # 39; Lateral for Guaraní on the left that begins to generate problems for that band.

– 1 ‘The game started!

– The game will start at 5:15 pm in Asunción, Paraguay.

– Attention! Olimpia’s confirmed formation: Alfredo Aguilar, Sergio Otálvaro, José Leguizamón, Jorge Arias, Iván Torres, Hugo Fernández, Nicolás Domingo, Richard Ortiz, Jorge Rojas, Roque Santa Cruz and Néstor Camacho.

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– Attention! Confirmed formation of the Guaraní: Gaspar Servio, Jhohan Romaña, Javier Báez, Rolando García, Iván Ramírez, Miguel Benítez, Jorge Morel, Rodrigo Fernández, Rodney Redes, Bautista Merlini and Raúl Bobadilla.

– Welcome to coverage of the game between Olympia vs. Guarani!

Confirmed formations: Olimpia vs. Guarani

Olympiad: Alfredo Aguilar, Sergio Otálvaro, José Leguizamón, Jorge Arias, Iván Torres, Hugo Fernández, Nicolás Domingo, Richard Ortiz, Jorge Rojas, Roque Santa Cruz and Néstor Camacho.

Guaraní: Gaspar Servio, Jhohan Romaña, Javier Báez, Rolando García, Iván Ramírez, Miguel Benítez, Jorge Morel, Rodrigo Fernández, Rodney Redes, Bautista Merlini and Raúl Bobadilla.

Olimpia against Guaraní

No margin for error. Olympiad and Guaraní, escort and aspiring to Paraguayan League, they face each other in a great match whose winner will gain a strong boost in search of the title of the Opening Tournament 2020.

OlympiadThe current four-time Paraguayan soccer champion, he urges victory at home to assault the leadership of the championship and recover after a hard setback: a two-two draw against San Lorenzo after wasting countless chances in the first half.

At one point behind the current leader Cerro Porteño, Daniel Garnero’s team will have to recover from the loss of Carlos Rolón – expelled on the last date – with José Leguizamón as a possible replacement.

Defender Jorge Arias overcame a blow derived from the game against San Lorenzo and his presence seems confirmed before Guaraní. Roque Santa Cruz, captain and scorer, could continue on the bench waiting for his opportunity in the second half due to the intention of the CT not to risk a player with 39 years in tow and that a long stop is coming due to the pandemic of the covid-19.

Guaraní, for his part, arrives with the rope around his neck to the duel before Olympiad. Gustavo Costas’ team has not won for three dates, it is six points behind the leader Cerro Porteño and an adverse result would displace it out of the fight for the title of the Paraguayan League.

In that sense, the Uruguayan coach emphasized that the only one who serves them against Olympiad It is the triumph, in addition to ensuring that the 2020 Apertura Tournament is for anyone. Besides Cerro Porteño and its future rival, Libertad (3rd with 26) is another club like Guaraní (4th with 24) who aspires to overcome positions in the eight dates that remain for the end of the championship.

For his next match, Costas would once again resort to a line of 5 -a classic for high-risk matches- in order to hit the bump in his visit to the current four-time Paraguayan soccer champion at Para Uno.

Notably Guaraní Nicolás Maná, Jorge Morel and Jhohan Romaña will be recovered for this game, all absent in the 2-2 draw against October 12 due to suspension.

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Probable formations Olimpia vs Guaraní

Olympiad: Alfredo Aguilar; Sergio Otálvaro, José Leguizamón, Jorge Arias and Iván Torres; Alejandro Silva, Nicolás Domingo, Richard Ortiz and Jorge Rojas; Derlis González and Néstor Camacho.

Guaraní: Gaspar Servio; Iván Ramírez, Jhohan Romaña, Javier Báez, Rolando García and Miguel Benítez; Rodney Redes, Rodrigo Fernández, Jorge Morel; Bautista Merlini and Raúl Bobadilla.

Olimpia vs Guaraní: match sheet

Olimpia vs Guaraní LIVE
When do they play? Friday, August 21
Where? Manuel Ferreira Stadium.
What time? 17:15 Asuncion time
On what channel? TIGO Sports

Olimpia vs Guaraní: schedules in the world

Countries Schedule
Paraguay 5:15 p. m.
Peru 4:15 p. m.
Argentina 6:15 p.m.
Uruguay 6:15 p. m.
Chile 5:15 p. m.
Colombia 4:15 p. m.
Ecuador 4:15 p. m.
U.S 4:15 p. m.
Mexico 4:15 p. m.

What channel does Olimpia vs Guaraní broadcast and where do they televise?

The broadcasting rights of the Paraguayan Soccer Opening Tournament are in charge of the Tigo Sports Paraguay signal (it can also be seen via Tigo Play). Also, you can enjoy all the action and replays of your favorite clubs such as Olimpia, Cerro Porteño, Libertad and the rest of the Guaraní football team. Exclusive programs with the best information for the taste of the good fan.

Where to watch TIGO Sports LIVE Olimpia vs Guaraní?

  • Tigo Star (Satellite): Channel 507 (SD) and Channel 1507 (HD)
  • Tigo Star (Cable): Channel 100 (SD) and Channel 710 (HD).
  • Tigo Sports + (Cable): Channel 101 (SD) and Channel 711 (HD).
  • Sur Multimedia (Cable): Channel 15 (Analog), Channel 107 (Digital) and Channel 709 (HD).
  • Cable TV Connection: Channel 24 (Analog)
  • My Cable: Channel 25 (Analog): Channel 103 (Digital) and Channel 711 (HD).
  • VOICE TV Digital: Channel 57 (SD) and Channel 1023 (HD).

Download TIGO Sports Play: mobile app

The Tigo Sports app brings the best of national and international sports to all smartphone users, clients and non-clients of Tigo in Paraguayan territory or from anywhere in the world:

Exclusive content from TIGO Sports

– Replay in real time of the goals and the best plays.

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Table of positions of the 2020 Apertura Tournament of Paraguay

1. Olympics 14 +14 30
2. Cerro Porteño 14 +17 29
3. Guaraní 14 +9 26
4. Freedom 14 +8 24
5. National of Asunción 14 +6 20
6. Guaireña 14 +1 18
7. River Plate 14 -3 18
8. October 12 14 -12 15
9. Sun of America 14 -5 13
10. Sportivo Luqueño 14 -11 13
11. General Díaz 14 -14 13
12. S. San Lorenzo 14 -10 9


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