Guangzhou Man Loses 6 Million Yuan from Bank Account in Just One Meal

A man surnamed Zheng in Guangzhou had 6 million yuan in bank deposits, and only 690 yuan was left after a meal. (Picture / flip from Weibo)

Is it safe to keep money in a bank? Maybe not so absolute. There is a man surnamed Zheng in Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province, China. One day seven years ago, he deposited 6 million yuan (RMB, the same below) in the bank. He urgently asked the bank for help, but the irresponsible attitude of the bank made him unacceptable.

The incident happened on the morning of November 15, 2016. In order to facilitate the operation of funds in daily life, Mr. Zheng deposited 6 million as the company’s working capital, and also set up a “USB shield” to protect the security of online banking and avoid hackers, mobile phones risks such as viruses. After finishing his business, he went to have lunch. Unexpectedly, in just one meal, he changed from a rich man to a pauper in an instant.

Mr. Zheng received text message notifications one by one. (Picture / flip from Weibo)

While eating, Mr. Zheng received a text message from the bank reminding him to spend 20,000 yuan on the newly opened bank card. At first he didn’t pay attention, thinking it was a spam text message. Unexpectedly, within 15 minutes, he received more than 200 text messages in succession. Each text message They all show a consumption of 20,000 yuan. When he rushed to the bank, the consumption amount had accumulated to 5.28 million. He once called the bank’s customer service, but the customer service said he didn’t know what was going on, and suggested that he immediately go to the bank where he opened the account to report the loss urgently. In the end, there was only 690 yuan left in the account. What’s even more annoying is that the bank couldn’t find out the reason, and asked him to go home and wait for news, but after more than 10 days, he still couldn’t wait for a call.

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The attitude of the bank is very irresponsible. (Picture / flip from Weibo)

When Mr. Zheng went to the bank again, the attitude of the staff became indifferent, as if it had nothing to do with him. The person in charge of the bank explained that an investigation team was set up as soon as the incident occurred, and it was found that it was stolen by a Shanghai company named “Italian Iron Industry Co., Ltd.” He believed that Mr. Zheng had some kind of cooperative relationship with this company, so he gave Say “normal consumption”.

However, Mr. Zheng refuted it, saying that he did not know the company and had no business connection. He asked the bank to get the money back as soon as possible. If he couldn’t get it back, he should compensate him 6 million yuan. Later, the police intervened in the investigation and found that Mr. Zheng’s money had finally flowed to an account of Chengdu Yinsheng Bank, and then froze the account, but whether the money can be recovered is still a problem.

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