GTA6 Exposure Caused Negative Comments From Netizens: Well-known Game Designers Felt Offended and Posted Pictures of Early Game Developments on Twitter | XFastest News

According to DOT ESPORTSreportRecently, the first development screen of GTA6 was exposed, which sparked discussions among many media and netizens, and one of the Twitter users said in his tweet that the vision of the game was the first completed in the development of the game. After 4 years of development, basically what you see is the same as The final product is almost the same, and the rest is just writing the program and eliminating the errors.

It seems that this observation has caused dissatisfaction among game developers around the world, who have posted on Twitter some photos or videos of the early stages of the game’s development, many of which are famous AAA masterpieces, such as “Control”, “Horizon Expects Dawn “and” Attack on the Lambs “, which has recently been very popular in the live-action circle (Cult of the Lamb)。

Check out the initial development screen

Horizon expects early development screenshots of Dawn

“Attack on the Lambs” initial development screen.

In sharing these game developers, you may find that the focus of early game development shouldn’t be on the screen, but it’s more likely to be the game’s gameplay, and therefore all of the screens, modeling, etc. be completed one after the other.

In the past few days, more game developers may be able to share some interesting content. Interested gamers can search for the keyword “Graphics are the first thing in a video game” on Twitter.

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