GTA Online now gives you big bonuses in Power Play and discounts on various cars

Currently there are several ways to earn extra GTA $ and RP in GTA Online. Rockstar Games has developed with the weekly update namely re-activated the necessary bonuses in various modes.

For example, in Power Play deathmatch mode you now earn triple rewards. This also applies to two different Time Trials, so the speed devils among us can now also temporarily cash in. It’s the End to End Time Trial and the Cypress Flats RC Time Trial, both of which will earn you three times as much GTA $ and RP as normal. Furthermore, Special Cargo Sale Missions are now also very attractive, because they now give you double rewards.

For those who are looking for new clothing, Rockstar Games also has a nice extra. When you log in this week you will receive the Sit T-shirt for free. Lucky people who take the top prize at the Lucky Wheel at The Diamond Casino & Resort will now take off with Ocelot XA-21.

Finally, there are also some new in-game deals. Players who want to buy a new car can currently take advantage of discounts on the Ocelot Locust (40% discount), the √úbermacht SC1 (40% discount) and the Emperor ETR1 (30% discount). Furthermore, all Large Special Cargo Warehouses are now for sale with a 50% discount.

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