GTA 6 release exclusively on PS5: Xbox event sets speculation on fire

GTA 6 exclusively on PS5? After an announcement event for Xbox Series X, an old theory gets new fire. Are Rockstar Games and Sony under one roof?

  • According to numerous leaks works Rockstar Games hard at developing GTA 6.
  • There have been rumors in the past that GTA 6 exclusive for the PS5 could appear.
  • Through a Xbox Series X event became this theory relined again and by Rockstar Games fans on Reddit discussed.

New York, USA – The next part of the Grand Theft Auto-Series GTA 6 is used by numerous Fans eagerly awaited. Neither the release date is certain, nor when the open world shooter will be officially announced. Nevertheless, a lot of information has already been leaked, based on which an approximate idea of GTA 6 can be shaped. Rockstar Games So far, however, has not commented on any alleged Leak and so much remains uncertain. In the past, the Fans and speculators several times speculate that the gaming company is out new York the much anticipated GTA 6
exclusive for the PS5 could publish. A recent one Xbox Series X event now reinforce this theoryby Fans on Reddit is discussed.

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Grand Theft Auto


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GTA 6: Xbox Series X-Event substantiates fan theory about Playstation 5 exclusive deals

Published so far Rockstar Games based in new York all parts of the Grand Theft Auto series for multiple platforms in order to address the largest possible target group. This also worked amazingly well, because the game company has sold an incredible 115 million copies of GTA 5 since its release in 2013 (as of November 2019), so that the rumor mill is already bubbling over a new part with leaks to the card, protagonist and setting. With this well-deserved record went Rockstar Games into video game history. It is all the more surprising Fans, if GTA 6 indeed exclusive for the one that is expected to appear this year PS5 would be published. After one Xbox Series X event kindles Reddit users this theory new.

Does GTA 6 appear exclusively for Playstation 5? Notes on this were released during an Xbox Series X event.

© Rockstar Games / Sony / Montage

To date, several references to the PS5 exclusivity of GTA 6 have appeared in the vastness of the Internet. And now this is theory on Reddit through an officialXbox Series X event by Microsoft, which was held on Thursday May 7th. Microsoft showed a visual collection of logos of all companies whose future games are to be published on the new console. However, it is not among themRockstar Games – the developer of GTA 6. What’s it all about? Has Rockstar Games about one PS5 exclusive Release planned (All information about GTA 6)?

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GTA 6: Playstation 5 Exclusive Game Theory is rekindled by Xbox Series X Event

As part of an Inside Xbox event, Microsoft not only showed new gameplay material from the as yet unpublished console, but also gave insights into all developer and publisher studios that will be used for games in the future Xbox Series X want to appear. The logo of Rockstar Games, which should shake most Playstation and GTA lovers. There may be something in the rumors surrounding a PS5 exclusive GTA 6 turn on? On Reddit is hotly debated. After the user Stingtj on the Live event posted image with all the logos posted, sparked in the comment section below Fans a discussion fire.

This is the list of all game studios that are going to release there game on xbox series x … Surprisingly rockstar games is not present here … Now this might be a stretch but does this mean by any means possible that rockstar games is going to release there next game as a ps5 exclusive? from r / GTA6

Some Fans showed up Reddit Mostly concerned, others can be daring theoryby the Xbox Series X event was underpinned, do not believe. Your counter arguments to that Reddit Post consist of mentioning the incredibly good sales figures for GTA 5 mentioned above and the question of why Rockstar Games shouldn’t build on this world success. So even ifRockstar Games a supposed contract with Sony for a exclusive release of GTA 6 on the Playstation 5 would have negotiated, then the Japanese game company would have to raise an almost inhumane amount to itself GTA 6 snap for the PS5. Again, this is a new one theorythat would probably not win many supporters. So no matter how you turn it, as long as no official information from Rockstar Games can appear Fans just wait and see.

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Rubric list picture: © Rockstar Games / Sony / Montage

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