GTA 6: Bad news for PS4 and Xbox One

Dear Youtuber.- You are right. There are new rumors about the future GTA 6 and it seems that the owners of PS4 and Xbox One will feel … happy. According to the latest hypothesis, everything seems to indicate that the game of Rockstar It won’t reach your consoles. And that will happen because The launch of the new installment of the franchise will not be available in stores until 2021.

That means that PS5 and Xbox Series X will already be on sale, with all the companies developing for them and focusing all their efforts on opening a gap in that new market. PS4 and Xbox One will be for those spotlights lagging behind small companies and, at most, for large franchises such as Call of Duty, FIFA, etc., that will continue to feed the millions of players who have not yet made the leap to the new generation.

So If you have a PS4 or an Xbox One, get away with the idea that the only GTA you can play will be the one you already have, the V which came out in 2013. Interestingly, when neither PS4 nor Xbox One were still in the market. Could we consider this generation as cursed for not having had a GTA of their own? Too heavy? Do not?...

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