gt0421 – INTERVIEW – Kevin Kyburz on Instagram Hacker

You have probably already noticed that a social media account in your area has been hacked. I recently got an interesting blog post from Kevin about a hacked account of an influencer. I took this as an opportunity to invite my dear blogger colleague Kevin for a chat.

Kevin Kyburz on the Instagram Hack

Show notes on Instagram hackers

00:00:00 – Intro

00:00:23 – Welcome and briefly what today’s episode is about.

Interview episode with Kevin Kyburz

00:01:11 – Who is Kevin Kyburz, where is he from and what does he do?

00:01:57 – Shortly before Christmas, I noticed a tweet from you in which you teased about your experience with an Instagram hacker. Now the announced blog post is online and I took that as an opportunity to talk to Kevin about it.

Again and again we speak here in the podcast or write over in the blog about topics related to secure passwords. So for example my little one Review of my favorite password manager 1Password.
But the two factor authentication is also a constant companion here in the podcast. It’s especially nice to read that we can use it to get more and more people to think more about it.

But let’s come back to the article from Kevin im Techgargage Blog.

00:05:19 – What happens if someone writes on all the social media accounts that the Instagram account was hacked? How does such a hack work?

00:10:54 – Is it just because of simple and weak passwords that such an Instagram hacker is successful?
Is 2-factor authentication not secure enough? Why and, above all, how can one be levered out?

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00:21:48 – What does a hacker do with such a transferred account? Specifically, what was the Turkish hacker you were in contact with doing?

00:23:20 – What other options are there for a hacker to take over your accounts?

00:28:03 – The account was taken over by the hacker, what happens after that? What is he doing with it?

00:31:52 – What should I do if my Instagram account has been hacked? Are there any ways to get the account back?
Small spoiler on the spot. If you’re not a celebrity or don’t have a company that has already shifted some money to Instagram, then you have to go the easy way.
But the positive thing, it is possible, how exactly, Kevin explains to you here in the episode.

00:38:38 – Does it make sense to buy back such a hacked account? Especially after the followers have reported the account etc.
Does Instagram have backups of all profiles? What can you do?

00:42:37 – Is there anything else Kevin would like to say about the Instagram hacker? Is Instagram really that bad / unsafe?

00:44:03 – What happened after the post? Is there a happy ending?

00:46:41 – Finally there is an important note from Kevin about his whole action with Instagram and the Turkish hacker.

00:47:10 – Farewell

00:47:27 – Other


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